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  1. I predicted this! (3 Tests ago)

  2. I’ve always loved the way Watto plays. He’s just misunderstood.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    England, you’ve been Wattoed! His thick skull came in very handy last night.

  4. The Watto Quandry continues. The first ton by an Aussie number 3 since Shaun Marsh’s debut. Watto’s highest test score. That is all good, but where to from here? How many tests will he play at three; is he going to bowl; how is his fitness holding up? I ‘m sure all of these issues will pop up, and Watto wil remain, Watto.


  5. I feel like a beggar turning his nose up at a free meal but I am definately torn on this.

    On one hand, well done on a great score, dominating the bowling, playing wise cricket, working well with Rogers and showing the talent you undoubtedly have in making a big score.

    On the other hand, are you a flat track bully, who made runs against a poor attack, went after debutants, made the score in a dead rubber just in time to secure your place. If you can play thsiswell now, why not when the presure was on early in the series.

    You have talent, but seem selective when you use it.

    A bigger enigma than Mitch Johnson, what to do about Watto.


  6. Agree with Sean: dead rubber, flat track, 2 debutante bowlers. Someone had to cash in, and it happened to be Watson (and maybe Smith also).
    That said, this innings summed up the Watson enigma. It was a wonderful knock, full of all sorts of shot-making, but it has you asking why can’t he do it more often? How can a batsman that talented only have 3 Test tons to his name?

  7. mickey randall says

    Agreed. Let’s now see him make a hundred on the first day of the Gabba test (with the bat not the ball).

  8. Have to agree with sean. The jury where I am is still out on this cricketer.

  9. Andrew Starkie says

    Anyone noticed the chemistry between Watto and Rogers when batting?

    Australian cricket’s George and Lennie (Of Mice and Men).

  10. Hayden was a flat track bully who was never criticised.
    Watson’s the best all-rounder of this Australian (and my) generation.
    People just ride a momentum of criticism.
    He has (major and obvious) problems – and flat tracks and hard balls suit. This is a great wicket for one day players like he and Smith.
    But Watson’s ability to contribute with bat and ball is immense.
    Unlike Warner – “when he comes of…” – I’d rather a bloke who sees off the opening spell, takes scoreboard pressure off his partner and thus allows the middle order to be their “easy scoring” best. 4,5,6 do not like coming in with no runs on the board and a rampant opening bowler. Give me a bloke who scores 20 to 40 everytime ahead of a guts or glory approach to Test batting.

  11. Crio,
    Great call last night (BEFORE the cricket began) beseeching the baggers to back off!
    Who’s better at the moment is a fair question. It seems some just don’t like the cut of his jib and compare the reality to the expectations.
    PS: Lay off the “posthumous” bagging of Haydos. He did us proud in his time. It took him many years to get his chance and he did very well.

  12. Steve Fahey says

    Hayden could justifiably have been called a flat-track bully pre-India in 2001. On that tour, and subsequently, he made runs in all conditions against attacks of all qualities. He bullied attacks, but not just on flat tracks.

    Watto is a decent player who could have been a very good player, perhaps still could be. He has been one of the first half dozen picked for the past four years or so because of his all-round talents. Other than Hayden comment, agree with Crio

  13. Sorry guys…need to move on. Hayden was/is a character I cannot stand. That is not relevant here. His “sweeping” performance in India was remarkable. He thence found wickets/conditions etc ideal.
    Watson had a fair bit of luck but some comments are just blinkered.
    There’s room for him in most sides.

  14. Watson’s Test record stacks up pretty well compared to all these: Blewett, Moody, Bevan, Symonds, O’Donnell, Gilmour, Matthews, Sleep, Hookes, Cosier, White, McDonald. Good on him, hopefully he can grab a couple of wickets too.

  15. I’ve just learned that there’s a Star Wars character called Watto. Bobs up in the Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones. How’s that?
    Buddy Yum here, off school today, is showing me through the Star Wars Lego Character Encyclopaedia. Watto is the name of the cocksure gonzo with the hovering wings who runs the junk shop on Tatooine. Master to Anakin & his mum who are slaves.
    Watto is a repugnant if humorous galoot, whose biggest personality disorder is an unquenchable gambling habit. Watto: desperately, supremely sure of himself; beyond all justifiable extent. Capable of big wins. Prone to many losses. (c) Lucasfilms Ltd.

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Watson is an enigma A Player of obvious ability with also obvious technical weaknesses the Point is in this current side we need him to stand up in big games and in big moments which so far he has been unable to do
    Injury wise he has been bitterly disappointing is he a head case or has he got a body prone to breaking down I suspect somewhere in the middle
    Aussies want a person to make the most of there ability which so far he has been unable to do

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