View from Shepparton Round 7: The end of Saints Footy?

by Peter Schumacher

At last, at last, it has been proved beyond doubt that a fast team with the commensurate skills will beat a slow team no matter how skilful, no matter the tactics. Forget the flooding, the short passes, the boredom. Carlton last night reminded me of Geelong, of the Lions in their prime. They were simply scintillating with their speed and delivery of the ball as they tore the St Kilda defence to shreds. Their three small forwards Garlett, Yarran and Betts were invincible. A chap by the name of Judd seemed to know how to play. It was interesting though that when the Blues went into negative play at the end of the second and third quarters on both occasions they had goals kicked against them because the endless possessions at short quarters was always going to increase the risk of a turnover and so it happened. I hope that this game will see the revitalisation of exciting open attacking football. This is what we want and it is why our code is the best.

Is this at last the year of the Magpie? They are certainly looking very ominous that is for sure. They have however shown promise before but been found wanting, but now if they are good enough well good luck to them. Well that is my “official” rational position of the matter.  Now for my real thoughts. I hope that Freo wallop them next week, and then the 97% percent of us who can’t stand the sight of them will be able to heave a great sigh of relief. (I have to admit that my estimate re the figure of “97%” hasn’t exactly been meticulously researched, being as it was  plucked out of the air).

I had thought that North Melbourne might have been enjoying some sort of resurgence  but as happens so often it turned out to be a mirage and it was more and more thus as the game drew on. In this day and age, when a team gets a run on during a game it is nearly impossible to stop them. Collingwood were invincible the third quarter. The same names crop up as best players, Shaw, Thomas Sidebottom.  At least the Kangaroos should have an easy win next week.

It was really unfortunate if not dumb to have the umpires dressed as Melbourne players on Friday night. Certainly no one would argue the cause but it did the Dees no favours at all. I just hope that yet another close loss does not mess up their whole season. It was a good comeback by the Doggies though, most would have thought that four minutes out  they were gone.

My mob were rolled again sob, sob, and at home  once again didn’t hear much action. Might have been glad not to with Drummond and Brennan out for the rest of the year. As with all other sides, injuries can play havoc with the best laid plans. I was getting excited when I heard on the wireless that they were only 6 points down, but then again an important and critical short for goal was missed by Stiller. Freo are certainly standing up that’s for sure. Am starting to be more and more a believer, but the Magpies will be a real test, as was indeed this match. I am afraid that the Brisbane slide may continue although at least they are playing Geelong at the Gabba.

Hawthorn lost to the West Coast but given that they were playing in Perth I thought that it was an honourable loss, Victorian teams, like most, do not win away, unless of course they are playing the Crows. Both Kennedy and Roughead played really well, 6 goals each is a testament to that.

The Powerless should be pretty happy with five and two but I doubt that will seriously challenge the top teams. Tredders being injured is no help to them.

The Crows won at last but this too didn’t prove much in the scheme of things. They were very ordinary for the first three quarters. It looks like Richmond can write off another season.

Geelong will thrash everyone at home so if I were Sydney I would not be too worried, it would be great if the former were facing a full strength team at the Gabba next week, then we would have a better idea of how things are going. Meanwhile the Ablett phenomenon just keeps rolling along. Interesting that Roos reckons that he is too good for anyone to mark.

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