VAFA Premier C – St Mary’s Salesian v Fitzroy: What a lovely bunch of coconuts and a beautiful set of numbers

What a lovely bunch of coconuts and a beautiful set of numbers


Forget the Budget numbers – as PC says we BBs will be dead before we’re in fiscal surplus again. Nonetheless there are happy things to ponder for Fitzroy fans this year.


Irrespective of whether he plays well, or at all, there is a hard core group of TC supporters that vote Rory Angiolella  best on ground each week. So it was last week when flashing past at speed RNA drew comments which flew between these wiseguys “he’s everywhere”, “back”, “forward”, “in the centre”, “now giving direction in the ruck”.


Before I could reach to share the Aricept (used to treat confusion)  I forgot I don’t have I was able to deeply, softly, sigh ‘adventure before dementia’ and tell them brusquely ‘he is not playing’. This was sacrilege to these guys who almost broke into a verse of ‘Plastic Jesus’ that goes “…comes in colours pink and pleasant, glows in the dark because it’s irredescent  ..take it with you when you travel far.” That’s at least partially right I loudly retorted ‘he is wearing the pink runners T shirt !’


Like Tex Walker’s hamstring ‘awareness’ Rory had a ‘Firies’ physical during the week so to ensure he could climb the ladder and handle the firehose he was given light duties last Saturday(of course he was best on ground at this – just ask Proud Mother Kerry.)To all the Mothers everybody sends their love; I’m sure the ayes have it.


With five minutes to go in the game methought a repeat of the raw score ,at least, that I witnessed at Princes Park in Round 2 1969 when Carlton, after unfurling their 1968 flag,  kicked 30.30.210 against Hawthorn was coming around like a swift Halley’s comet. Uncharacteristic poor shots by Tom ‘Manbun #1’ Biscaro and the ‘bAMbino’ infinitesimally ‘blotted the copybook’ for an on any evaluation superb  12.2 final quarter where the likes of Jack Dalton, Max Ellis, Aiden Lambert and Julian Turner feasted on the cherry pick. Notably St Mary’s didn’t surrender under intense fire and themselves bagged three goals straight after we had kicked 10 goals in this stanza.


Play of the day again came from Nathan Ligris who gave a sidewinder Gaelic solo like pass to the ever aware Aiden Lambert five minutes from games end –watch the replay it is a classic.


When Paul Newman sang the song referred to above in the movie Cool Hand Luke he had just received news at his prison camp in America’s Deep South that his mother had died and he would not be attending the funeral due to correctional facility regulations. Last week I was told of the loss of a friend of 50 years after his family had held an unannounced private funeral. He had been involved in a tragic accident whilst riding his bike to school aged 12. After being hit by a car he was catapulted into a light pole head first. He was trapped for 48 years in a body that could no longer rove the packs or run cross country as we had as boys.  He never lost his wits or broad infectious smile and he was my guest with his brother in 2014 when we were victorious by 101 points over AJAX at the BSO. Vale MO’S you’ve kept me running and you know I’ll catch you one day mate.




By George! 111




St Mary’s Salesian 3.1-19 5.2-32 7.2-44 10.4-64
Fitzroy FC 6.9-45 12.19-91 17.22-124 29.24-198



Goal Kickers: J. Tanner 2, N. Baxter 2, J. Hunt 2, B. Borland, N. Bussell, J. Sharp, D. Waters
Best Players: J. Mattiske, J. Tanner, M. Bulte, J. Elliston, B. Borland, C. Angley
Goal Kickers: A. Lambert 4, J. Dalton 4, J. Turner 3, M. Ellis 3, S. Brazier 3, M. Kyroussis 2, B. Wright 2, N. Jumeau 2, T. Cheshire 2, S. Laidlaw 2, M. Davie, T. O”Donnell
Best Players: T. O”Donnell, J. Dalton, B. Wright, B. Clayton, T. Clayton, S. Brazier

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