VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Marcellin: Reasons to be Cheerful



So, as I came over the small bank at the opposite end to Brunswick Street, I just sat down for a few minutes to enjoy the scene. Nothing to complain about here but lots of little things we take for granted: green grass, no rubbish lying everywhere, fat dogs, fat people, that beautiful city sky line, Karen getting the BBQ ready, Dave fussing around doing odd jobs, Sharon getting the match sheet organised, Joan and the team setting up for Micky Conlan and everyone reading this could probably burst into that Julie Andrews song  ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’ and add something of their own.


Me, I was humming ‘Reasons to be Cheerful Part Three’ by Ian Dury but, I had many reasons to be cheerful as I made my way over to the scoreboard for the reserves game.


For the first time this year the Ressies had to fight out a win, because after skipping out to a two goal lead early, Marcellin dominated the game to half time. No matter, the boys came out at half time and set up a convincing win. We have a very young reserves team which bodes well for the future.


Over the day most of the scoring was to the grandstand end, due to a slight wind advantage, and Marcellin kicked that way in the first quarter in the senior game, and were in front at quarter time. They kicked accurately at goal on a day with a strong cross breeze (why our forwards never made allowances for this beats me and I would like to beat them) and Marcellin capitalised on some terrible errors in our back half.


One was when Lambo took on a tackler, as he did several times to kick important goals, but early in the first quarter, he took a tackler on in the back half, costing a goal. I am sure the coaches will be in his ear to take risks up forward to score goals but down back take the conservative option.


We kept them goalless in the second quarter going into half time with twice as many scoring shots but only twelve points up. Roscoe turned the clock back many years taking several towering marks up forward.


Nino opened up the second half with the first goal but they scored the next two, tightening up the contest. Frustration levels in the Tramconductors reached boiling point as we kicked poorly for goal and made far too many unforced errors, but gradually weight of possession told in the end and we ran out convincing winners, having over double the scoring shots.


We were thrashed in the ruck, losing nearly every tap out. Gator will fix that when he gets back. Nathan J played his best game for the year, leading up to the ball, dishing off and applying lots of forward pressure. Julien T does not go to ground in contests, a fault of his in his early days, and while he didn’t hit the scoreboard he provided a contest. Nino is an excitement machine. Dalts must have offended one of the umpires (???) and should have finished with three goals.


I will be away next week and so will miss the clash of the season, so I will rely on all you people to make lots of noise in my absence.



I will finish on a plea. While working in the Timor hills, without running water or mains power, I saw a thirteen-year-old boy. Now he looked nine years old as all Timorese children in the remote areas of Timor are underweight. They have two months of the year that are called the hungry months as food is short. He had the typical Timorese mouth, malformed teeth and rampant decay and also a draining sinus (pus running out of his jaw ) opposite his six year old molar. I asked, via the interpreter how long had the ‘lump’ been there. He replied it had always been there. He could not remember a time when it wasn’t there!


Could I ask you all to have a look at


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You can donate online or to me. It is a Rotary Charity so ninety seven percent of the money will get to the Timorese people. You can volunteer to come over with us but be prepared to be busy.


Go the Roys.



  1. Phil,
    I shall be making plenty of noise all right.

    “Go CYs !!!!!”

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