VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Ivanhoe: What a day for the Fitzroy faithful!



Agave Americana and the Gator Flower Show


What a day for the Fitzroy faithful. The Thirds had a simply marvellous win by a rushed point, set up by a late Fitzroy goal to even the scores, back to the centre, the opposition had five in for the bounce so a free kick to us, long kick into the forward line and one of our heroes rushed a match winning point. I wasn’t there to see it though. I was in the city early on Saturday and on the way out it started to hail so I wimped out and went to the BSO.


I got what I deserved, missing what will be a legendary game that the telling of will improve with the passage of time.


In contrast the seconds match was not much to look at. Ivanhoe had only scored one goal to three quarter time and the only interest was the Rosco and Tommy B coming back into the field. Toby and Jules should play next week. Lambo is not far off so competition for spots will be fierce.


The Seniors started with the breeze, and it was willing early. The Universal Forceps has no left foot, spraying an early shot on goal. You would expect a forceps that can extract any tooth in the head to be able to slot goals from anywhere, but no matter, as Nino and Brazier have talent to burn as they nailed goals. Dalts, Rory’s doppelganger, showed he is not bad luck, as he kicked a late goal to send us into quarter time three goals up.


Ivanhoe had run well into the breeze quite well, spreading wide and they would have been well satisfied with their efforts early.


The heavens opened in the second quarter and the game became a scramble in the wet but Brazier was good in the hail and Baker is simply a class above C Grade. Our pressure was relentless and Ivanhoe went to half time goaless. Mention must be made of Caileen Moore’s effort where he ran out of defence, delivered lace out to Rory, and then busted his gut getting forward of the ball getting the ball back, and setting up another Fitzroy score.


Dental syringes come in two lengths, long and short and have different thicknesses, but Fitzroy has its own ‘long’ needle down back, number 39 (dental needles also have numbers to describe them) J Long has been piecing opposition forward lines recently like a 27 Gx1 5/8 dental needle.


The rest of the game, was somewhat of a bore (one highlight though) and I spent some time watching a very young lass, Abagail, who was a water girl for Ivanhoe, playing in a puddle down our end. She was having more fun than most of the Ivanhoe supporters especially one bloke who became somewhat irate with the umpires. Joan, quite rightly, will not put up with such behaviour from our side and it shows. The blokes shouting was incongruous with the atmosphere that reigns at the BSO.


I am a volunteer at the Botanical Gardens and recently an unusual plant, an agave, bloomed. The Agave Americana is a plant that flowers once every twenty years or so. It does so by sending an enormous flower skyward. There are many agaves that do this but none have ever got as high as our ruckman Gator who is becoming somewhat of a highlight reel.


Gator ran into the goal square, rose magnificently above the pack (well I suppose he only rose further above the pack than he already is), clutched the ball to his tummy and plunged to the ground. Now he held onto the ball for longer than that famous Gary Ablett mark that I call the pin ball mark as the ball bounced off a few parts of Ablett’s person without Ablett having he slightest control of the pill. The umpire wasn’t a soft touch on Saturday.


The main part of an Agave dies when the plant flowers but in its place a lot of little agaves are left. Gator arose from ground however and so we probably will have to wait for a bit longer to get excited about little Gators strutting around the BSO but he does have quite an attractive lady friend.


We won by seventy odd points but next week is the big one: Willy at Willy. On your way there drop into Bunnings at Port Melbourne where I and my son Pete, will be selling cakes. We will be at the match and look forward to seeing you all here.


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  1. Wally from Williamstown says

    Had the date circled on my calendar for this clash at Fearon Reserve on Saturday since the meeting earlier this year at BSO, i hope the weather is kind and its a bit closer this time ….

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