VAFA Premier B, Round 1 – Old Scotch v Fitzroy: The pain begins


Went on a holiday to South Africa just before the season. Did all the usual things: visited Cape Town, the most beautiful city I have ever seen, paid homage to Mandela in various places around South Africa and went game parking.


Saw lots of wildlife at the game park: cheetahs, lions, rhinos etc but the one that caught my eye was the golden orb spider. Interesting beast the golden orb; the female is not poisonous but is miles bigger than the male. It mates with six males and has a go at, and usually succeeds, in eating them. We saw a male making himself scarce as the female went him. Some of my close family have married worse, I thought at the time, and I think you know who you are.


You are probably asking what has this got to do with Fitzroy and Old Scotch but I used to say a new season is like taking up with a new girlfriend. Everyone is excited and no one has any idea how it will turn out. I was wrong. A new Fitzroy B season is like taking up with an old girlfriend. You may be excited but nearly everyone knows how it will (unfortunately) turn out. Just think about the male golden orb spider as the season goes on.


B grade is a reward for winning C grade but now we are up in a grade where the pain happens.


We played in those awful clash jumpers and several of the officials from Scotch told me they dislike them as much as we do. Sharon told me that many years ago we beat Parkdale in these jumpers and she would know, but none of the Tramconductors can remember that far back.


All the Tramconductors turned up. One guess what adjectives our resident Greek used first up for the season? None were printable. King George was in fine form, getting on the front foot for the half time cakes. A few minutes into the game and he was already discussing positioning, positioning at the front door to the half time cake stall that was. Forget about the AFL teams setting up their defensive zones. King George charged straight in and butchered the cakes.


Fletch, Matt and Anthony were behind the goals taking a wry view of the massacre unfolding before us.


So what about the game. We lost by a lot. Nathan J kicked a couple of goals. Lambo looked a player at this level. The defence was under so much pressure that nothing could be said about their games.


King George had a comment. We going to get quite a few of these one sided games this year and we might want our old coach back! He was joking, of course, but we play Uni Blacks next week where we will cop another hiding. We have a very tough draw to start the season. The coaches and the club have an important task over the first few weeks. They have to keep some enjoyment in the season.


Staying up in B Grade is probably the best we can do but let’s all get down to the BSO to see the flag being unfurled next week.


An apology about not posting this on Sunday but I suffered two migraines on Sunday, The pain from Saturday continued.


Old Scotch  16.23.119
Fitzroy    2.9.21



Next game is the Royal Derby Game – the Rouge et Noir Cup
Fitzroy v Uni Blacks
Saturday 13th April
12 midday – 2 PM
Brunswick Street Oval
Come watch Fitzroy take on Uni Blacks for the first time in the RoyBoys modern History.
The unfurling of the Premier C Senior and Reserve Premiership Flags will take place before the game.
Join the club for a pre-game lunch. Book now for lunch


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