Urging AFL to care about people more

‘People versus establishment’
– Rachel Maskell (Labour MP, York, UK) on June 8 general election campaign.


Some fans had to give up entering the stadium at the footy match of St Kilda versus Carlton (Round 12, 2016) because of the poor management at Etihad Stadium. They had staff shortage as hadn’t expected many spectators. I sense that the stadium only cared about money. It was poor customer service, I could label.


A similar situation has happened at my work recently. It was a public holiday and a big festival was held at my workplace (restaurant) on Monday. From the opening hour (11am) to 12.30pm, only three staff members were placed on roster. Afterwards only one staff member was added.


Up to 24 people can be accommodated at once; four tables (four people per table) and a big counter table for eight. When we have customers coming continuous, we need two cooking staff members – one for deep fried beef and one for serving side plates. And indeed we need front of house staff members.


It’s hard for one person to look after all customers from taking orders and serving meals, to dealing with refills and checking out. And then dishes were left in the sink as no one had any hand for wash up.


It was a nightmare for us and I felt under the pressure when seeing mountains of unwashed dishes. Indeed I have to say we were unable to provide the best customer service.


Now I understand how bad some St Kilda and Carlton supporters felt at the incident. And staff members who dealt with spectators must have had a lot of stress. Also I feel disgusted towards establishments who only care about money and focus on cutting cost.


AFL seems to take favours towards establishments (TV stations and corporates) more than individuals (supporters). Many fans complain about ticket prices at games and food prices. They should open seats for more fans with reasonable prices.


Who wants to see empty Level 1 seats? Channel 7 and Fox Footy?


Think about players too. They would be encouraged to play hard if they see more and more spectators who go for their footy clubs.


Fans create good atmosphere on game days. Players are happy to play under such environment. They hate playing in an empty stadium.


AFL Fans Association is doing good works raising price issues and other fan related issues. They are acting like trade unions.


The league needs to see people. Otherwise the sport can’t be played any more. Also Grand Final should be available for true supporters. Corporate related people don’t care footy after watching once or create the best atmosphere on the biggest match of the year.


Employ enough people and offer reasonable prices to please footy fans. Meanwhile we footy supporters have to speak up until we are satisfied.


People should come first not only footy matches but also at customer services and in politics.


And Gillon McLachlan who is taking a holiday right now needs to care about fans more. I think it’s inappropriate to go on a holiday in the midseason and just after the headquarter had scandal on inappropriate relationships.


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  1. Don’t get me started on the AFL, the government, the corporate world and personal greed Yoshi. But fear not, the chickens have a habit of coming home to roost.

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