Two Wins In One

I didn’t go to the Don’s game on Saturday night, I had a family party to go to. As it turned out I had two wins , it was a fantastic party and the Dons got up against the Hawks. I had a transistor in in the back yard, so every 15 minutes it was out in the fresh air  for an up date.   I always need a footy fix on a Saturday arvo. so what better, than a short ride to see an Ammo  Premier B game between MHSOB and Uni Blacks at Melbourne Uni. No 1 oval .

The  Ammos (VAFA) Is a tough ruthless competition. They have a promotion relegation system in all grades, so it doesn’t matter how good you were last year, if you don’t have the goods this year then a drop is on the cards.  Take MHSOB for example, last year they won the C grade grand final  emphatically. and so they and the runners up (Camberwell) were promoted to Premier B grade.  A couple of weeks ago they played each other and the result was not pretty for the Old Boys, they were given a real hiding, MHSOB only managed one major for the day whilst Camberwell kicked a container load. The goal kicker for Melb. was a bloke who didn’t even play in last years  GF, in fact there were some 16 newcomers to the side that got the thumping.

On Saturday MHSOB played Uni.Blacks on one of the prettiest footy grounds in Melbourne . MHSOB winless and last on the ladder against the Blacks who are fourth with two wins and a loss. The first person I saw as I entered the ground was Colin Green who epitomises the Old Boys. Last year at the Grand Final Greeny was a “study of nervous tension” right up until well into the final quarter, this year a look of grim resignation seemed to sum him up.

The match was not as one sided as I feared it might be, the Old Boys tackled ferociously all day but were let down by their kicking , they must have had a training session with Essendon last week, and so at the final siren they were well beaten but not disgraced, There is a good chance that Rupert Betheras , the cult figure for Collingwood a few years  ago might play a game or two in the near future, but whether he and some of their injured list who are due to come back, can save the Old Boys  in Premier B is a bit problematical.

The one certainty is Colin Green will be watching, win, lose, rain or shine.

Rod Oaten


  1. Interesting that the Melb Uni oval is consistently called “Uni Main” or as you say “the No 1” – fact is, Melb Uni only have one oval so its a bit redundant! Perhaps its because for years the Uni cricket and football teams have used Crawford Oval opposite Ormond College as their ‘second’ ground – but its leased from Melb City Council.
    Paul Daffey listed Melb Uni oval in the top 10 cricket grounds (or was it sporting grounds generally?) in the WORLD in an article a few years ago in the Age.

  2. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    There is no ambiguity at the University of Sydney – No 1 Oval is alongside No 2.
    No 1 Oval is set in an amphitheatre in the heart of the campus surrounded by 150 year old oak and plane tress – a beautiful setting. Its more a circle than an oval and at various times the goalposts for footy have run both north-south and east-west. It is also used for rugby and cricket.
    I’ve played footy at both Melbourne Uni “Main” and Sydney Uni “No 1” – reckon Sydney is much more picturesque, but the Pav. is incomparable as a venue for traditional university social activities!

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