Two million hits for the Footy Almanac

Long-time friend of the Almanac, Peter Flynn, has done it again. At 11.50am, Flynn recorded the 2 millionth visit to – he also recorded the 1.5 millionth visit. Sources say Flynn is already preparing for what would be a very special three-peat. Well done Peter, a complete series of Footy Almanacs are on their way.



  1. Well done Flynny. That complete set of Almanacs will look smart right next to your current complete set of Almanacs.
    And to think, Doyle was the wind beneath your wings.

  2. PJF, back-to-back. Impressive.

  3. I though internationally recognised mathematicians were to be excluded from this competition Cookie?

    And back-to-back wins just confirms why.

    I’d hate to see accusations of bringing The Almanac into disrepute having to be laid here Harmsie.

  4. Flynny, do you have a sore finger from hitting the refresh button?

  5. Wrapster,

    Disrepute does not get the credit it deserves. one should never underestimate its place in the scheme of things.

  6. Well done, Old Mate.
    Timing is everything!

  7. Well done old boy. Was there some sort of mathematical sequencing going on here?

  8. Andrew Fithall says

    I demand a re-count.

  9. AF, any suggestions as to who might undertake the task?

  10. AF/JTH, Flynn could do the re-count, he’s excellent with numbers.

  11. Almanac Medal Count:
    – C Little; Carlton (disqualified – funnier than the Editors)
    – R Oaten; Essendon (whole club disqualified pending ASADA final report. Can be awarded posthumously).
    – L Everett; Fremantle (disqualified; RLyon rule)
    – E ONeil; Sydney (disqualified – smarter than Editors)
    – Y Wroby; St Kilda (absent overseas; redraw)
    – M Wrap; Richmond (disqualified – older than Editors)
    And the Winner is – Geeeee A Looong – PFlynn (who said the IOC were dodgy?)

  12. And I thought hiding under a very big rock would mean I would quietly be forgotten.

  13. Neil Belford says

    Well I say that is a mighty effort of strength, endurance and above all quality work. Congratulations to the founding fathers of the Almanac Nation, John, and Paul, the early years doers Gigs and JB, to Cookie, and to the mythical Almanac Admin (he’s like the Stig).
    Congratulations all.

  14. Sean Gorman says

    PB – no SG for most……somethink or rather? Where is the mofo love Brother B?

  15. Flynny gets another set of Almanacs? How’s long’s this been going on?

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Yes good call NB.

    Cheers others.


  17. Breaking news: Peter Flynn has been accused of taking a banned substance: Southwark beer. We are awaiting for authorities to confirm the presence of Southwark in the B Sample.

    Significantly, documents have come into the hands of The Footy Almanac. They include a trail of emails which show categorically that Peter Flynn applied to the University of Melbourne to move to the Biochemistry department.

    Applying the precedents of Australian investigative sports journalism that application can mean one thing only: Peter Flynn has used performance-enhancing drugs and should not receive the prize for the 2millionth visit. He should resign immediately for bringing the site into disrepute.

    Lawyers for Flynn have released a short statement from the accused which reads, “What’s goin’ on?”

    Lawyers for the Almanac have released their own statement, “We are almost certain to hear words which include ‘Southern Florida anti-ageing clinic’ or ‘the bottom pub in Bordertown’.

  18. Andrew Fithall says

    I don’t know anyone who has ever taken Southwark beer and been able to keep it down. The B sample will be clear.

    How long has this been goin’ on?

  19. Flynny, Congratulations from Old Mate, but don’t tell me they’re serving Southwark at the Lord of the Isles these days. Will have to investigate this appalling possibility before the Swans game.

    Ivor and Leo send their best.

  20. Peter Flynn says

    I’ve just received a call that Jimmy Scoop and his cronies are currently camped outside my home.

    I’ve done nothing wrong and I look forward to the truth coming out at the end of this investigation.

    I’ve instructed Dennis Denuto to act on my behalf.

    There’ll be no further comment until I’m asked to comment.

  21. John Butler says

    Harmsy/Cookie, was the same dartboard employed as that which produced visitor 1 million?

    And does this make Flynny the Almanac’s own Phil Taylor?

  22. Jezz, I’m always 1,999,999th … Congrats Flynny, I guess. Now to prepare for the 3,000,000 visit!

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