“Trust me selectors”

by Chris Riordan
For the thousandth time in the week, a girl wobbled on impossible heels and procrastinated over what horse to back. Improbably, she eventually chose “NO HESITATION”, causing me to splutter in to my Bookies bag. “You shoulda seen me choosing my shoes this morning!”, she laughed.
Decisions, decisions…
Yesterday the Ashes squad was announced. With some potential debutants it might be hailed as bold. But, given they’ve chosen seventeen to fit in to eleven, some decry it gutless.
Whether it is a junior or national team, an election or a reality show, selectors face public scrutiny.
There’s a fine line between inspired and insipid.
What brave or doomed selections can you recall?


  1. The first one that springs to my mind is Glenn Trimble.

  2. The original “Son of Sam”!

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Selecting Andrew Hilditch to the Selection Panel.

    His selections match his hook shot.

  4. No question – the biggest and gutsiest selection in history was the inspired choice of David to fight Goliath.

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Ted Dexter announcing the selection of Malcolm Devon.

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Brave:Selecting Warney after he got belted by Ravi Shastri.

    Doomed:Continuing with the spinless wonder Hauritz.

    Brave: Half the Brisbane team in the ’03 GF.

    Doomed: Lokan, Williams, Kinnear, Walker, and Rhyce Shaw in the same match. Oh, and playing Jason Cloke at full-forward instead of Buckley…in the same match.

  7. Peter Flynn says


    With Warney, those were the days of brave and consistent selection(s). Nice call.

  8. Wayne Carey’s captaincy appointment.

  9. Terry Wheeler picking Ron James in the ’85 VFA Grand Final.

    Bill Stephen selecting Tim Watson in Round 7, 1977.

    Pick No. 105 in 1988 VFL draft.

  10. Dave Latham says

    Sublime Records for taking a punt on Stefan Dennis’ music career. Could have been anything.

    Then there was nothing until the rookie elevation of Jarryd Blair.

  11. I notice in the Herald Sun website they have a ‘Phantom Draft’ headline. I had better postpone the hip replacement.

  12. Dave Latham says

    Your just a pre-season away from playing Phantom.

  13. Phil, I was listening to the ABC coverage and they said Warne was selected after 8 Shield wickets in 4 games at an average of 45. That was truly inspired.

  14. John Watkins

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