Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: True Believers, it’s “Good day to be a Pie”. 

True Believers, as Wayne said it’s “Good day to be a Pie”.  After a performance like that I agree totally.And it’s not only the players who are working under a shorter time-frame.



What did I like?  Fantastic, close-in team work, the Collingwood chant very early and the low, flat passes (except those ‘up and unders’ directed at Cox – usefully, I might fairly add – more on this below). I also really like the way the Back 6 are working together.




  • Numbers:  let me first acknowledge the Frees – we got 20 compared with their 13. I freely acknowledge that we were on the receiving end of some benefits here – particularly some ‘head-high’ tackles.  That’s one game compared with the usual.


  • Unlike previous weeks, I’m not going to compare our numbers, with theirs.  Why?  Because their numbers were a bit funny – they had massive possessions, mostly for no good purpose. The transitions between our phases of play are still important:


                                   –  Hit outs            37      Well done, Brodie.

                                   –  Clearances       25     A reasonable transition.  Some of Grundy’s work early on went    direct to an opponent.

                                    –  Inside 50s         58    Good.  It was the way the ball entered the 50 that was so impressive – flat directly to   a lead or a potential high mark to Cox (all 2.11 metres of him).

                                  –  Marks i/s 50s    13    Could improve, but getting better.

                                  –   Scoring shots    31     I always reckon as a rough guide the same numbers of Goals and Behinds is fair.

                                  –  Goals                    14     Good


  • Focus: We have been achieving drive out of the Backline, entering the 50 with directed passes and crumbing around the packs.  Great work.  We need to make sure we don’t drop off any of these.


  • Best: Treloar picked up the medal.  It could have been any of a number. When you look at who did their specific job best, some others (not just Mids) come to the fore, particularly those a bit isolated in the Back Line or Forward Line.


  • Lessons: I have nothing to add. Thank God, I hear you say.  All good or heading in the right direction.



Round 6.  Versus the reigning Premiers, Richmond, at the MCG on Sunday, 29 April; bounce: 3.20pm.



  • Them.  Richmond are the Ladder leader with Wins over Carlton (121:95; interestingly, they only won it in the last quarter), Hawthorn (102:89), Brisbane (110:17 – no comment) and last weekend, over Melbourne (destroyed 102:56) but they Lost to Adelaide in Adelaide (82:118) in Round 2. Apart from the Hawthorn game, that they Won, and the Adelaide game that they Lost, I see the rest as ‘soft games’ of not much significance.  Who to watch for?  Martin (of course), Rance, Caddy (may be injured), Cotchin and Riewoldt.  Their team, as you would expect of the Premiers, is well balanced and experienced.  Martin is critical – needs a ‘run-with’ defender, their Mids (including Martin) are amongst the best in the competition but I think ours are better.


  • Us. Okay, ‘you shouldn’t change a winning side’. But, four days – hmm? Depends on how they turned up the morning after.  Potential ins might include Moore, Fas, Wells? For Martin, it may be worth considering a stronger Tag than Steele – just thinking.  Maybe Varcoe? Also consider shifting Reid back and bringing Moore in up Forward.  I’ll admit when I’m off-line – Cox is useful, particularly late in the game as a target for high ‘up and unders’ into the 50. I’m not sure his contribution would exceed Moore’s, for example, across a whole game.  Your thoughts?


  • Picks? Again I’m optimistic.  Pies to Win by 17 points; BOG – Varcoe, holds Martin to 13 touches, gets 21 himself.  Moore gets 5 Goals.


  • TV? Yes; FTA on Channel 7 from 3.00pm.


  • Reporting? We’re being a bit light-on regarding reporting.  Thanks to those who have jotted a few comments down.


After a disappointing result the previous week against Port Melbourne, the VFL side fairly comprehensively defeated Essendon 16.10.106 to 12.6.78, noting our dominance of scoring shots – 26 (us) to 18 (them).




Next: Round 4 – Bye.  Round 5 – Sunday, 6 May versus Werribee.  More next week.


Magpies Netball

Suncorp Super Netball Season starts Saturday, 28 April: Vixens vs Magpies, Hisense Arena, Melbourne; tip-off 3.00pm.




Will start versus Williamstown at Warrawee Park, Oakleigh on Saturday, 5 May; bounce 2.30pm. More in next weeks.




Will start on Sunday, 6 May at Boroondara Sports Complex.  More in next few weeks.





  • Other Sports – Canberra:


–        GWS – Not until 11 August;

–        Raiders – Away; and

–        Brumbies – Home vs Crusaders – Saturday, 28 April; kick-off 7.45pm.



And history?  Check  Well done to Treloar and Sidebottom, and an acknowledgement to Pendles. But looking back a year or two – Witts and Seedsman?  Now there’s history that could catch up to you.


Go Pies.


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