Tribute From an English Sports Fan to His Friend


Adelaide Oval. Day 2. Sunday 3 Dec.

We were waiting for friends on the concourse in front of the Chappell Stand about an hour before the start of play. An English cricket supporter from the front row of the stand began to unfurl a rather large St George Cross flag on the brick wall fronting the stand. He needed another pair of hands so we held the flag in place while he used plastic ties to secure it to the wall. Adorning the flag were the words Millwall Football Club. We got talking about the cricket and the merits and struggles of his team Millwall, QPR, and other minnows when up against the bigger, wealthier clubs in English football.

He then unfurled and attached a second large St George Cross flag to the wall. This flag had the name Brighton and Hove Albion FC in large letters across the top. He explained that this was a tribute to a Sussex friend who had lost his life in an industrial accident a year or so ago. His friend was a Brighton fan and his friend’s wife, who was on tour with an England cricket supporters group, would be able to see the flag from her seat in the western stand on the other side of the Oval.

About Peter Crossing

Peter Crossing loves the pure 'n natch'l blues. He is a member of the silver fox faction of the Adelaide Uni Greys. He is something of a cricket tragic although admitting to little interest in the IPL or Big Bash forms of the game.


  1. Well said,Noughts I love all the English soccer flags hung up around the ground especially the minnows glad that you gave QPR a mention

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