Tremendous review of The Last Pulse

Tremendous review of Anson Cameron’s The Last Pulse on Melbourne Arts Fashion.

Join Anson for dinner at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton on Feb 26. Details here.


  1. If Fred Negro rates it, it must be good. And I’m not being sarcastic in any way at all.

    This is the man who penned classics such as ‘Last Tram To St Kilda’ and ‘Piranha’. That is all.

  2. Manon des Sources? Can we roll Gerard Depardieu out for one last go round as Merv Rossiter? We could offer him a waterless Riverland winery as payment? All the Banrock Station he can drink.
    Water Politics has an eery similarity to Stop the Boats in reverse. Scott Morrison as Queensland Water Minister in a previous life?
    We are all part of the fraternal brotherhood supping at the table of life, until the bill arrives.

  3. Love the way Fred starts writing large and sees he’s running out of space and writes smaller and smaller. Took me back to freehand essays at school.
    Great review.
    Peter B – I reckon Russell Crowe over Gerard, because there’s a scene in it where the black kid says Russell Crowe is too fat and white and old to be involved in the making of an opera about them and I’d like to see big Rusty play that.
    Re your last sentence; the bill has arrived/is arriving but many diners are saying there’s been a mix-up. This isn’t our bill. Couldn’t possibly be. Who the hell ate two dozen oysters?

  4. Fred is coming to the dinner. I believe he is a Collingwood man.

    I’m going to encourage him to review the Almanac in crayon, preferably maroon.

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