Tom Waterhouse and the AFL make an unpleasant combination

Geez, I never thought the presence of someone on the TV would give me the jimmy grits so much. 4 generations of betting knowledge in my blood…give me a break! It’s more than Tom though…everywhere I go, everything I listen to, every time I put my tips in, every footy game I go to – it’s all about gambling/putting bets on/gambling company advertising…can I ask – how am I supposed to preach fiscal responsibilty to my sons if this is the norm? There are bets on just about everything (line bets, who’ll kick the first goal, who’ll wear red jocks etc) and no, I’m not a fan of the nanna state where everybody has to be told what to do…

I was brought up on the ‘fear’ stories associated with people who blown everything and couldn’t afford to pay their rent, their electricity etc…and sure enough it morphed professionally into my domain when I was confronted by a tenant who couldn’t afford to pay @$750 in rent cos he had just blown $250,000 at the “World Of Entertainment” the night before. Fact: he handed over his keys and was very apologetic for his circumstance. That’s beside the point really…everyone is responsible for their actions, whether they like it or not…
What’s worse is that the AFL seems complicit…it’s like to the baby with one hand and taking with the other. The sooner AFL clubs and the AFL industry rids itself of this source of finance the better. Betcha it won’t happen!

Round 21 FEARLESS:  Look over yonder! I can see September on the horizon.

 Tom Hawkins made a mockery of the concussion debate by kicking 6 goals the week after he had been stretchered off the ground in Perth. The Tomahawk dominated Saint Gwilt and speared the Saints third last gasp at September action. The valiant Saints had fought back to be 7pts down at ¾ time. The Cats blasted 7 goals to win by 42pts.

Lou Richards used to say it’s gonna be a ring-a-ding-ding to describe Carlton- Essendon at the MCG. That’s where it ended. The Blues never looked in doubt on the back of a 10 goal 2nd qtr. The Bombers were left to lament the loss of a 37yo early in the 1st qtr and their only physical presence being in the ¼ time melee. Blues by 96pts.

Canberra’s Manuka Oval looked sunny and picturesque as 7500 took off their winter woollies to applaud veteran Lion-turned-Giant Luke Power in his 300th game – a fine career. His 18yo protégé Toby Greene became the youngest to rack up 38 touches. The Demons got their 4th win by 25pts with a few Jeremy Howe hangers and 3 goals.

At various points in the Fremantle-Richmond game at Pattersons Stadium on Saturday, the Tigers looked capable of causing an upset. Equally the Purple Haze looked just as likely to blow the Tigers off the park. After the ducks and drakes of playing Aaron Sandilands subsided (at 7ft – he’s hard to camouflage!), Freo by 22pts.

Deja-Roo as the Magpies shot out to a 4-goal lead early in the 1st qtr against the Roos. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a clash of jumpers as both teams wore their stripes – amazing! Equally amazing, the Pies only kicked 4 more goals. North dug deep to overcome Magpie phobias to win by 5 goals, powered by a functional forward line.

Adelaide travelled to the Gabba to play the Lions, seemingly intent on making a statement. A 38pt Crow lead at the 1st change and it was apparent that the Crows wanted a home final. From there, Brisbane kicked 13.14 to 6.8 to spoil the Crows’ plans and score a compelling upset 10pt win. Brisbane might just be a 2013 improver.

Easy Tips Sunday Game 1: Whiskas Buddha’s 2nd audition as Port caretaker coach saw his charges take on an erratic Eagles team at AAMI. Port applied Rhonda’s bootiful brake foot from the start. The Eagles injury woes were not evident. 3 goals to Jumping Jack Darling and Nicky Nat Noo as the Eagles Powered to a solid 48pt win.

Easy Tips Sunday Game 2: Bulldog champion Ryan Griffen set his team alight against the top placed Sydney Swans on Sunday. Griffen went on to record 47 stats – a career best to no avail. The Bulldog pups got off to a great start to lead by 3 goals at qtr time. In the end an 82pt win to Sydney said much about both teams fate. Cue Otto!

Easy Tips Sunday Game 3: Will Buddy play or won’t he…the luxury that the Hawks faced ahead of the game against the Gold Coast Sunnyboys. The Buddy-less Hawks never really got out of 2nd gear and arguably didn’t have to, as they cruised to a 65pt win. Norman Gunston kicked 4 and the Suns unearthed Stephen May with 3.


  1. I remember the sheep stations that passed through the pokies when they first arrived in NSW – literarily. It’s pretty boring out there in the Western Plains and the tumbling fruit became a hypnotic diversion. And what a painful and costly diversion it turned out to be.I’m with you Fearless, it’s an evil cancer encouraged by those entrusted with the responsibility of governing responsibly. Pig’s Arse they do. And a Pig’s Arse for the Appalling Football League for hitching our star to the greed & evil gambling wagon.

    But I’m not sure Tommy Waterhouse’s adverts work in his favour. He looks every bit of Tommy the Toff in those B&W screenings. But that’s probably in the eye of the beholder. Some may see the in the grainy footage a flashback to times when we left our keys in the car and our backdoors unlocked. If they do, they should remember that back then gambling debts were collected in the time honoured way and the bookies set the odds – as they still do – and they set them in their favour.

  2. Tom Waterhouse has finally given me a solid reason to become a local football fanatic, rather than a TV watching football fanatic. The TV game is getting worse each year.

  3. I love how Tom Waterhouse refers to ‘four generations of Waterhouse running through his veins’, or some similar verbal wank. I wonder if he’s taken the time to Google his old man… his record in this regard is less than flattering.

  4. Tom Waterhouse was lying in the gutter,
    Thinking thoughts he dare not utter,
    When a pig came up and lay down by his side.

    A stranger passing by,
    Was heard to softly sigh,
    You can tell the one who punts,
    From his company that grunts,
    And the pig got up and quickly walked away.

    (Traditional – Abridged).

    I am with you all the way Paul. Well said.

    Ban the intrusive ads is the best way to go. There will always be gambling, so it would be counterproductive to ban that. But keep the gambling corporate parasites away from future generations and the vulnerable (which can be anybody – it has nothing to do with intellect – just personality and unmet emotional needs).

  5. There is very serious talk in Tassie regarding banning the sale of cigarettes. It will probably get up at some stage. If we are not allowed to gamble on everything and have lung busters while we are at it what do you wowsers think we are going to do? Sssssssunostrayan.

  6. You could make valid reasons for banning many things including cigarettes, alcohol, religion, gambling, etc. The bottom line is you can’t legislate against stupidity (that word may be a bit strong- could be replaced with weakness/ human frailty/ whatever- you get the gist). Where do you start and stop in terms of banning advertising? Personally I think its wrong that cigarette advertising is banned when the product is still (barely) legal.
    Everyone has choices. Everyone knows that cigarettes and alcohol are not great for you and that gamblers lose eventually but everyone is entitled to their choice. Personally I don’t imagine anyone would see one of those betting ads and decide that betting is for them.
    Peter, I understand your comment re the vulnerable but really if they are that vulnerable to bet based on a crappy ad, someone else would get their money eventually.
    Interesting topic and I’m just waiting to get shot down!

  7. Dave Nadel says

    Every time I hear Tom Waterhouse say that he was born to make book the words FINE COTTON flash across my brain.

  8. The knackery is a demoratic institution Budge.

  9. Interesting that as I read your article there is a Tatts bet banner ad on the website. You can’t blame bookmakers, casinos etc. they are just running a business within the laws of the country. The only people worth complaining to are the people in Canberra.

  10. All good stuff. You could probably say we’re all parasitise, one way or another. We all live off each other. But there has to be a better way of building a better society than by ennobling the predators in our community. Gambling wrecks lives. End of story. You can’t ban it because it’s in our nature. Humans have thrown the dice long before the spotted cubes were invented. Long before they bet they could outsmart & out muscle a cave bear. But what we have now is the refined product – and like all refined products it’s addictive – and that’s where the real danger lies. Smoking is addictive too, but we’ve fought against the promotion of this addictive product and the reduced uptake in the community has reflected the success of the battle. Advertising glamourises the product. Vance Packard told us that back in the 50s in The Status Seekers. But in the case off advertising gambling is that it normalises an extremely dangerous addiction.

    But I think this discussion started with Tom Waterhouse telling us that we should bet with him because he offers four generations of goodwill and integrity with the product. That’s not advertising. That’s comedy.

  11. Dave Nadel says

    Summed it up beautifully in your last paragraph, wrapster.

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