Tip the Top 8 Comp

Tip the Top 8 Comp


Each year fans are invited to tip their Top 8 in order. That is the top 8 at the end of the home and away season.

The winner is announced after the (riveting and rather amusing) count at The Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch on Grand Final eve.

Tallying is done by using the time-honoured ‘difference of squares’ method.

It is the sum of the squares of the predicted position minus the actual position for each team selected.


eg If you had Collingwood to finish 1st and they finished 7th, their score is 1 minus 7 which is -6, squared is 36…and so on. A score of under 100 will have you featuring in the finish.

$10 to enter

Send your entry to [email protected] (and I’ll explain how to pay).


Go Cats.


This is a separate comp to Gigs’s Ladder Ladder. The Tip 8 is a set and forget. Gigs will keep you updated regularly.



  1. JTH

    Regarding the Footy Almanac AFL Tipping comp, JTH, I notice the password is Hawkins26. That reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask – is Tom Hawkins the best player to wear the Geelong number 26 since Frank Pomeroy?

    Or maybe that’s a question for PJF.

  2. Gigs

    As you suggest, Frank Pomeroy wore the number 26 with distinction in the early 60’s. However I think one could reasonably argue that the most notable player to do so since then was Ablett……Kevin Ablett (2 games, 1985). While Bill Ryan, Barry Stoneham, Jumping Jack Hawkins and (a bit earlier) Norm Sharp tried hard they just didn’t have that special something about them, i.e. the name Ablett.

    Perhaps we need to talk about Kevin.

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