Tip the Top 8: Bogue County wins in stunning All Nations count

Harms adjusts the leader board for the Tip the Top 8 competition at the All Nations.

Bogue County (Barwon Heads) has taken out the time-honoured Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Competition after another riveting count at the All Nations Hotel on Grand Final Eve. Friendless in betting, the unheralded tipster beat seasoned campaigner A. Fithall (Williamstown) by 5 points, with Smokie Dawson (Williamstown) a further 5 points away in third position.

Each year Almanac readers are invited to Tip the Top 8 at the end of the home and away season – in their predicted ordered.

The closest to the mark is uncovered by the use of the finest statistical method:

Tip the Top 8 formula



Obviously the lowest score wins.

This year’s top 20, and the NAGA follow below.

You are welcome to have ago next season.

Tip the Top 8 2012 Top 20


Bogue County             39

Andrew Fithall            44

Smokie Dawson          49

Gary Hutchins             50

Rowdy                            50

Johnny Beros              51

Gigs                                54

Tim Adam                   54

Hawky                           58

Max Watson                60

Ken Anderson             60

Ray Wilson                 62

Alistair Watson           64

Burkie                         65

Tommy Calder            67

JTH                             69

Freezer                          70

Jason Christou             70

Phil Dimitriadis           71

John Gill                      71



Theo Harms                 157




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