Tim Adam: Working in harmony

Knacker Tim Adam is involved a singing program for patients with specific types of speech loss or aphasia.

As this article in the Melbourne Uni Alumni magazine says, Tim underwent specially designed singing exercises and diligently practised for one hour a night.

Within just eight weeks, Tim had already experienced a measurable improvement in his speech. And his brain scans – taken before and after the therapy – had started to ‘light up’ in areas more associated with speech patterns in a ‘normal’ brain.


  1. Rick Kane says

    What a fantastic and enlightening story. Tim, it’s great to hear that something as dear to you as music is significant in your recovery process. I hope you’re well and that you have taught the choir the only song that matters, the Hawks theme song!


  2. John Harms says

    Tim, you are an inspiration. The admiration for you in the Almanac community is enormous.

    (I can send you the sheet music of We Are Geelong if it helps in your further recovery.)

  3. pamela sherpa says

    Fascinating article . Great to hear such positive news about your recovery Tim.

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