Tigers still not gone!: Glass remains half full! (slightly chipped and full of Yarra water, but half full nonetheless)

Ok, maybe things haven’t gone as well since we travelled to the West in Round 4, when I said we were still alive.

And we have only won as many as the Dons and half as many as the Blues.


It’s not over yet guys! I am sure I can find another 10 reasons we aren’t gone for the season, as well as updating some of those I included last time:

  • We are playing our bunnies this Friday. Hawthorn are Cullinan to our Warne, Atherton to our McGrath, Stosur to our Australian Open. Four out of the last 5 wins. If GWS are now the premiership fave and a threat to all that is good about footy through their draft situation and regional concessions after one win against the Hawks, imagine how things will turn if we continue our recent head to head form line!
  • We are still only three games outside the 8!
  • We are doing better than Freo (last year’s minor premiers if you don’t mind)
  • (Did I mention we have a good recent record against Hawthorn?)
  • Things can only get better. (Can’t they?)
  • Shaun Hampson isn’t playing


From April 14:

10 cast iron, guaranteed, put-the-farm-on-it, no worries, she’ll be right, trust me, bona fide, walk up start, lay down misere reasons the Tigers aren’t gone yet for season 2016

  • Yes, we lost a final last year, but so did every other team in the 2015 finals, including Hawthorn. So, our recent finals performance, technically, could be said to be equal to that of the reigning Premier, runner up and 5 other teams! STILL RELEVANT
  • We have a good recent record against West Coast in Perth. (Although that in part was caused by our ruckman belting and knocking out Dean Cox).
  • We are only a game outside the 8 currently!
  • Let’s be honest, it’s not unheard of for a team to make the finals then be removed by the AFL. (which we will call ‘hoping for a Bradbury’) IT COULD HAPPEN!
  • We usually don’t wake up and start playing until the newspapers write the Run to the Finals fixtures with about 6 rounds to go and doing calculations as to what each team needs to do to make the 8.
  • It’s just round 3 6
  • We’ve played two very strong sides already in the first 2 rounds in Carlton and the Pies, both giants of the AFL who have, let’s not forget, won 31 of the 120 GFs played, so statistically are very very good teams I would say!.
  • We still play the Dons twice BRING IT ON and Fremantle still to come
  • Our ‘home’ game last week against Adelaide at Etihad instead of the G meant the Crows didn’t have to travel as far as usual.

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  1. Steve Hodder says

    Resident winos stumbling and lurching
    Walking cadavers smiling and searching
    Man in the DT’s looking at the feeble glossy portraits of long dead celebrated people
    Waiting for Mr. Damage


  2. you could have titled this article ” The Remnant Shreds of Optimism”

    like the follow up

  3. Adelaide Dupont says

    One of the times you play the Bombers is Indigenous Round and they will be fired up.

    [unless that game doesn’t count for points].

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