This is for The Bloods: Ten Years On

The year of 2005 will forever remain in the hearts and minds of the Swans faithful with a fondness like no other. For seventy-two years is too long. Too long to suffer the pain and heartache associated with much more sinister pastimes than merely cheering your footy team. Poor on-field results, near bankruptcy, a messy relocation and the introduction of the Swanettes provided some of the many lowlights throughout years punctuated with misery. From the spiritual homeland of the Lake Oval to the historical gem that is the Sydney Cricket Ground, this agonising wait for a premiership ended in glorious September sunshine at the MCG on what was a wondrous day. Tears, tears and more tears. In the stands, on the ground. In the pubs of Sydney, in the pubs of South Melbourne. The rickety old emotional roller-coaster had finally pulled in. I can still hear Kirky now “this is for the Bloods”.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of that flag, the finest of achievements. This team of footballing gods, yep gods, will know a reverence reserved only for them, for as long as they shall live. Many remain involved with the club, some not involved in the sport. So, ten years on and what has become of these men?

Those that remain at the Sydney Swans include the last man standing, the one and only Goodesy. Nick Davis is now a Development Coach while Jared Crouch is the Swans’ Football Development Manager. Micky O is the Head Coach of the Sydney Swans Academy. Loveable club legend, Jude Bolton has entered the world of football media and is working with Channel Seven’s commentary team as well as Triple M Radio. He’s also the Sydney Swans membership ambassador.

Roosy, having taken the club to the promised land and leaving an undeniable legacy is now coaching the Melbourne Football Club. With him, Ben Mathews is an assistant. Kirky is assisting Ross Lyon at the Dockers, much to the dismay of many a Blood. He’s ‘on-loan’. We want him back. Pebbles is also assisting at the Adelaide Crows after retiring last year. Amon Buchanan is the forward coach of the GWS Giants. Paul Williams coached the Western Bulldogs for three games in 2011 and is currently completing his Diploma of High Performance (Sport and Business).


Adam Schneider and Sean Dempster both remain at the St Kilda Football Club. The former’s trade left my dear old Nan heartbroken, as she couldn’t understand why her favourite player was being offered up to another club. Both played in multiple Grand Finals for the Saints and Dempster was named All-Australian in 2012.

The Celtic Tiger himself, Mr. Tadgh Kennelly is now juggling his role as the AFL’s International Talent Co-ordinator with coaching of the NSW/ACT Rams, along with some refreshingly entertaining commentary on ABC Grandstand. Craig Bolton is also appearing on the ABC’s airwaves whilst also recently vacating his post as General Manger of AFL NSW/ACT to venture into the private business sector.

Big Bad Baz has just completed an incredibly credible runner-up finish in a reality TV show. He is also seen on Fox Footy throughout the winter. Darren Jolly has likewise taken a liking to reality television and has been seen attempting to ply his hand at a number of trades. I’m personally opposed to such mindless viewing, however best of luck to them.

Jason Ball is an AFL Commissioner. Nic Fosdike is coaching local Sydney club, the UTS Bats. Go the Bats. Paul Bevan has returned to his junior footy club, Western Suburbs, both as a player and an assistant coach. They are searching for their first AFL Sydney Premier Division flag since ’96.

Our very own September Specialist, LRT is enjoying retirement whilst assisting Sydney Uni’s NEAFL side and performing ambassadorial work with and their disaster relief efforts. Luke Ablett is writing about footy and feminism while Leaping Leo is now a successful stockbroker.

Much has changed in ten years. I vividly recall cycling through the deserted cobbled streets of Dublin on a brisk autumnal morning to get to the Kinsella’s house to watch the big game. In Ireland to play hockey, my only focus was on the footy. With my great mate Sheppo in tow, we bellowed and cheered the Bloods, riding the many ups and downs that this classic match provided. At the full-time siren, an unadulterated joy was met with almost immediate reflections and thoughts of home. I wish I was there. The Guinness flowed early that day, and it flowed long. These Blood Brothers had filled the hearts of so many with an unmistakable feeling. A feeling that can never be replicated. A feeling that ten years on, still remains the same. And, ten years on, I continue to sit in awe at the accomplishments of this group. On behalf of all Swans, everywhere, thank you gentlemen. Thank you.




About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Neil Anderson says

    A fantastic day in AFL football and for me as it turned out.
    Seeing the Swans and Roosey up there on the dais gave me great pleasure and envy at the same time. To realise that such a big premiership drought could be broken gave me hope that one day the Bulldogs could do the same.
    To be just a bit self-indulgent for a minute, earlier that day I received the news that I was in the top three of a playwright competition, which meant my play was going to be performed by a theatre- company in Melbourne before judging of final places.
    So I was already floating on air well before Roosey screamed out, ” Here it is! ”
    The only higher level of euphoria that could be reached for me that day would have been if those confetti colours raining down would have been red, white and blue.

  2. Wayne Ball says

    Brilliant. I thought the club pulled the wrong reigns when they traded Buchanan and Schneider. Four Grand Finals, two premierships in a 10 period. It’s been fun times at the SCG.

  3. Joe Moore says

    Neil – sounds like a hugely significant day for you as well. Must have been fantastic news to receive. I agree, that day proved that all premiership droughts can be broken. Hope it’s not too much longer for your Dogs.

    Wayne – You’re exactly right. An incredible decade for the club and all us Bloods supporters. Long may it continue!

  4. Keiran Croker says

    I still tear up when I think of Leaping Leo’s incredible mark. I had a perfect view of it from my seat in the 2nd level of the AFL section on the 50m line beside my brother Martin. What a day!

    Here it is! …… This is for the Bloods!

  5. Joe Moore says

    Unforgettable Keiran. I’m jealous that you and Martin were in the stands and I had to watch from the other side of the world! Still, amazing memories.

  6. Dennis Gedling says

    I will always remember that game as being the last GF I watched with Roy and HG on the radio for the commentary.

    “That’s what you want to see HG, a bunch of big arses sticking up in the air and big cox to come in and split ’em”

    “And there’s the pictures from Ireland of the Kennelly family with no bloody idea of what;s going on!”

    The Swans winning was great too.

  7. Ahh Dennis, bring back Roy & HG!!!

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