There’s still time to have your say at the AFL Fans Association Forum

The inaugural AFL Fans Association Fan Forum last Sunday morning was brilliant, with a room full of excited participants, moderators and scribes.



The Queen (Susan Alberti) and I

(Photo from Lyn Campbell-Anderson)

We heard from the AFL Operations Manager Steve Hocking (who said he will read what’s produced by AFLFA so that’s a great start), and AFL Fans Association Patron Susan Alberti. The event was helped by the amazing Mary Crooks from the Victorian Women’s Trust. Peggy O’Neal and the Richmond Football Club helped by hosting the event. Almanac and all round star Cheryl Critchley and President Eamonn and their small committee organised us well.

Steve Hocking and Gery Eamonn

AFLFA Facebook Photo


The Association is still open to feedback and below are the questions asked on the day.  If you can copy and paste them and send them to [email protected] they can become part of the wide report to be presented back to the fans (who participate) and to the AFL. There were many who could not attend the day who are sending in their responses. All the ideas and thoughts will be collated and included.

Be quick and be heard. Write about AFLM and AFLW. Make your voice part of AFLFA and join up as well.  No cost involved. There is power in numbers.

AFL Fans Association

*Inaugural Fans Forum: 24 June 2018*


1.What do you most love about footy?

2. How important is footy in your life?

3.What is your ideal match day experience – before, during and after the game?

4. What are the sorts of things that might stop you going to the game?

5.What do you think needs to be improved about the game?

6.The AFL Fans Association which organised this forum are keen to make sure they are representing fans. What are the three (3) issues you would like the Fans Association to be working on for you?

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  1. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your great piece about the meeting.

    I would like to give them feedback and wonder if I could do after watching the MRV Match on 20 July or not.

    How was the footy Queen? She is a wonderful woman in AFL.


  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Hey Yoshi do the questions in the next week. Then time will close

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