The White Mouse

by Damian O’Donnell

She crept around; a tiny mouse,
But when she struck,
It was through the heart.

She made Hitler’s list,
Her name at the very top.
Where is she? the lunatic raged.

New Zealand saw her birth
Australia her growth,
The French her courage.


Vale the White Mouse.

About Damian O'Donnell

OK - which is the odd one out: Love the Cats and flannelette shirts, especially in winter. I get on extremely well with red wine. We just seem to hit it off. Love horse racing in Spring. Used to love cricket. Go to Stawell every Easter and contemplate life around the fire. Love water skiing, especially in summer. Get meaning from catching a beautiful curling wave. Love a great oil painting. Will read most things put in front of me. Thought 'The Sopranos' was the best TV show ever made - by miles. Run an accounting practice in Melbourne's suburbs.


  1. Did you see one of her interviews this week Dips.

    She had no remorse regarding the elimination of opposition players before, during and after the match. Said she enjoyed it.

    It must have been something she saw during the conflict. A very committed person.

    (Is it true that Prince Charles personally paid for her accommodation when she returned to England as a semi destitute. The story goes that he wanted to repay her for her war effort. See Dips those Poms are not all bad.)

  2. Phantom – haven’t heard the Prince Charles story, but my comment would be its about bloody time the royals put their hands in their pocket!

    I know Wake stood unsuccessfully for Parliament in Australia for the Libs (which won her no friends from the left), then had trouble getting work, so returned to England. Perhaps that’s when Charlie stepped in.

    I have seen a few old interviews. Don’t think I would have enjoyed getting on her bad side. Unlike many today she thought actions spoke louder than words.

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