The View From Shepparton: Round 9

Well, the Collingwood team should collectively purchase a bridesmaid’s outfit because it obvious after last Friday’s game that is what they will be again this year. They promise so much but in the really big games they are found wanting. I was looking at the Geelong Footy Club  web site and noticed a piece recalling the  circumstances of Ottens’es recruitment from Richmond. As everyone knows he is a great ruckman but I had no idea that he was as important as the article portrayed. He wasn’t playing on Friday night! Certainly Kelly, Ablett and Bartel were. Noticed Scarlett, Mooney and Stokes as well. For the losers Beams was pretty good, indeed I thought at half time that that last second goal would really inspire his side which it would have done had they taken advantage of a promising start in the third quarter. Couldn’t kick straight when it counted though. Mind you the Cats although they played all over the Maggies for nearly all of the second quarter had me screaming from my lounge room vantage point when they too missed easy shots which could have finished off Collingwood at the time. In general though It was  a pleasure to watch this match and it was a pleasure that it was a live telecast at least here in Victoria. Need I say more!

Brad Scott might back Scott Thompson for his shenanigans against Hall but I doubt that the average observer would. If Hall gets a suspension out of this then there is no justice at all. I wish I could remember which Scott it was that hammered Riewoldt all of those years ago as the latter tried to depart the Gabba nursing a serious injury. These games aren’t Sunday School Picnics but I wouldn’t go so far to use the hackneyed words “Un Australian” to describe Thompson’s actions in pushing Hall over as he was adjusting his shoelaces, or would I? Gamesmanship my eye, it is a complete lack of sportsmanship. The right side won, thank goodness for that. Brad Scott ought to concentrate on teaching his charges a few ethics of the game, or better still how to play the game properly.

Bad luck for Sydney but they struck a Freo who are really motoring along this year. From the radio broadcast though it seemed that the ex Canadian Rugby Union player Pyke did OK against Sandilands at times, no mean feat. The Dockers though have been outstanding on the  road this season and the fact that they won in Sydney just underlines that. I think that after a promising start this year Sydney are on the skids, like everyone else, injuries to important players haven’t helped. There was talk of Brown being another Carey, what about Pavlich?. Gee, I hope for his sake that Freo really go somewhere this year.

When a team loses by a point there has to be a hard luck story involved, however it was a good luck story for Melbourne as they just fell over the line. Well they were due for a bit of a break. Certainly losing this match hasn’t helped the Powerless’es cause though. A coach must wonder how his team can score 8 goals in a last quarter having done bugger all previously.

News from the Essendon Richmond game, Hille wasn’t reported. Is this some sort of world record? Apart from that 7 goals in about 3 minutes, or at least that’s how it seemed, meant that the Bombers were hardly going to be rolled from then on. Richmond coach Hardwick is talking up Jack Riewoldt. This has happened before and he has been hopeless in the next match. Still, 6 goals is OK and I suppose that he is only aged 21. 64709 at the MCG. As Kat Stewart in her role of Roberta Williams in Underbelly One might have said, “eat (or was it “suck”) your toe jam”, other codes. Get crowds like that, “you are  dreaming”. Heard something like that elsewhere as well. Good to see the Bombers win, makes next week’s game against the Bulldogs more interesting.

I listened to the Adelaide Brisbane game, or at least parts of it. It seemed to be a bit like the return of the Crow. Well they couldn’t keep playing like cardboard replicas all year. Don’t know if Brown is injured or off his game but according to the Oz he has not trained for a month. Hardly the mark of a player at the peak of his fitness. I thought that Taylor Walker for the Crows was supposed to be the next great thing but so far he has not progressed as would have been expected. Perhaps the whole team might get a roll on now. Hope so for the sake of the competition. I have bagged the Fev mercilessly so should concede that it was a really good effort yesterday and he is now second on the goal kicking list.. Got to say as well that we are missing some really good players at the moment. McLeod played OK yet again and Dangerfield was around as well. It was a home win but anyway, well done Adelaide.

Hawthorn came to play at last. With their list it is astonishing that they are 3/6. I backed Carlton thinking that their small forward line would be too fast for a lumbering Hawthorn defence. Got that wrong, as usual. When Franklin gets a roll on he is great to watch. The really good news is that this makes Jeff Kennett happy so all must be right with the world. As I was listening to the Adelaide game wasn’t really across what else went wrong for Carlton but I was surprised given their recent form.

St Kilda had a a good away win. I thought that the Eagles would have won this one given that the Saints are supposed to have been found out by quick plays of the game. Having said that, wouldn’t have a clue if the W.C.E played or play quickly or not but at all events they obviously weren’t good enough. Another poor showing by an interstate team. Damn.

Tonight Oz plays NZ, be a good game to be at. Disappointing that Schwarzer isn’t playing.

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