The View From Shepparton Round 9


by Peter Schumacher

Have to hand it to the Pies. Getting themselves out of gaol was a brilliant achievement, a side doesn’t often give itself a 23 points handicap in a last quarter and then run all over the opposition with 11 goals in 20 minutes. How often have the Crows let Collingwood escape from their grasp. Fantastic joy for Collingwood, utter despair for Adelaide, again.
In the big one though, Brisbane won at last. Brown certainly does have an exceptional ability to impose his will on a game. I thought that he would take this game pretty easily given the extent of his injuries, but no, he was the inspirational captain, the inspirational leader. Who is to know how Brisbane might have been travelling had he been fit for all games. An ordinary loss though for North Melbourne, giving away those 50 metre penalties at exactly the wrong times for them, although it seems to me that any fifty metre penalty is always going to be “at the wrong time”.
The Western Bulldogs could not play away, in fact they definitely could not play away, their loss of 126 points to the Eagles was of Suns proportions. As for West Coast, what a game. I have to admit that I was not really aware of Kennedy but now I and others who may have been similarly bereft of knowledge of his skills certainly are. Luke Shuey is starting to become a familiar name as well.
Hawthorn had a magnificent win in Sydney, I was quite amazed how easily they won against the Swans, I had thought that the latter were virtually unbeatable at home.  Franklin, the enigmatic Franklin, scored his usual mix of goals and points but as they totalled 42 points in all I suppose that most Hawthorn supporters didn’t care too much. One of these days however he will miss a shot at a critical moment and as seems to be the prevailing orthodoxy these days, it will be excused by a comment to the effect that this was one of many errors by the team  which lead to the loss.
St Kilda won against Melbourne which of course is great for them but the reality is that the way the season has unfolded thus far it was two pretty average teams engaged in a game that neither could afford to lose.
Freo had a good away win against the Powerless but they could certainly done without Sandilands now being out for 4 weeks. As a a Norwood supporter who could never stand Port Adelaide, it still saddens me greatly that a team that generally speaking was the best in S.A. has become so impotent and without hope.
Much as I loved the Lions winning I reckon that the happiest supporters in the footy firmament must have those  at  Tigerland. I enjoyed so much watching this game, watching Cotchin, and Delidio in particular. For the Dons, Heppell took my eye. Modern footy has so many stars that are really worth going to see. The events organiser has suddenly noticed Jack Riewoldt and declared him to be her “new hero”. Oh well to each their own.
The most interesting debate of the week thus far has been the program on “Four Corners” last night in which the effect of repeated hits to the head in contact sports was reported to be a matter of increasing concern. Though the report was really about research on this subject viz a viz American football at High School level, I thought that the most telling moment came when the NRL bloke interviewed by Kerry O’Brien after the televising of that segment absolutely agonised as to if he were in the role of say a young sixteen year old’s father, would he want him to play the game had he been concussed? Such a difficult decision would need to be addressed by all concerned and particularly so if the kid was a super exciting talent with the world apparently at his feet. Not a decision I would want to have to face. In terms of the American segment I was quite disturbed by fanaticism required and displayed to be able to play the game well at this level. I am aware too that this has suddenly become a hot point of discussion in the AFL with Paul Roos buying into a junior game from the fence when incensed by a behind the scenes incident.

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  1. Peter Schumacher says

    For those who notice these things, and in particular for those who don’t, I managed to multiply a whole lot of senior’s moments at once as evidenced by my failure to mention the Cats Blues game. Short version of my thoughts; Carlton looked damned good. Geelong could have easily dropped their last two games but still, what a team.

  2. John Butler says


    We thought it might have been out of respect for Robbie Warnock’s feelings.

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Let’s put it this way, I wonder how many conversions will be missed in the State of Origin tonight.

    Like everyone else can’t understand why the basic skill of kicking straight when lining up from set shots is so difficult particularly when from a short distance out. I suppose that I could “Google” it to find out but I wonder what the distance between the goal posts is in the AFL compared to the NR?

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