The View from Shepparton – Round 8

by Peter Schumacher

OK so Brisbane lost again, this time to Essendon. At the Gabba. My daughter and son in law and grand daughter who are rabid Dons’ supporters  didn’t say anything as they rushed into the local Lutheran Church service on the morning after the night before.  They accompanied an organ as they played, but I knew that it wasn’t hymns they were playing. No, they were rubbing it in. They were blowing their trumpets at the demise of Brisbane. 
I actually only came in late to this game. After half time. Brisbane leading. On TV. This was going to be fantastic, get back at all of those lovely individuals who have been giving me heaps about the so called demise of the Lions this year. Well what a disappointing second half it was. The Brisbane backline held out until that awful intercepted hand pass attempted across the half back line. Well it had to happen, the weight of possession would inevitably, eventually, overcome the Lions, like  a contest between two chess players of unequal standard, the weaker player could not holdout the better player for ever. Credit to Essendon but Brisbane were terrible in that second half, or at least the forwards were. And after that hand pass the floodgates opened. Brown will be coming back next week but can’t expect one man no matter how skilled, how inspirational, to be able to save an otherwise weak team.
Adelaide must has thought that their end was nigh, or certainly Neil Craig might have when in seemingly in about two seconds they were down four zip to the Suns who should have made that 5 zip. I think that a public lynching might have happened had that trend continued. With that sort of incentive Adelaide won easily but the Suns still showed enough to think that they will be an exciting team in the not so distant future. Pity Adelaide copping Collingwood on the rebound.
Freo appear to be really struggling after such a promising start, injuries have really got them. So have the West Coast, losing Embley and Kerr, but they triumphed. They are looking OK this year but Freo might be on the slide.
As are St Kilda. The events since and including the Grand Final have worn them down. Perhaps they really do need a new coach. This is not to criticise Ross Lyon. He and his team were desperately unlucky last year but merely to make the point that they, amongst other teams, i.e. Adelaide and Port Adelaide, Melbourne  and possibly Brisbane need a change of direction.  As for Hawthorn as seems to happen so often now, they had a good win  but in losing Gilham and Hale the win was soured. On the other hand though it was a fantastic achievement coming from five goals down and two reserves short on the bench.
Sydney beat the Powerless, yawn. North Melbourne beat Melbourne, in not so much of a yawn because the latter had thrashed Adelaide in the previous week. In fact North should have been really rapt at this result given that Melbourne had been the form team, well for one week, and against Adelaide, whereas the Roos had virtually done nothing so far this year.
In what was a good game to watch the Western Bulldogs  won well against the Tiges. Had hoped at various times that Richmond could catch up from their disastrous first quarter but in the end they made up no ground at all. Will Minson caught my eye with his strong marking.and Nahas was OK for Richmond. He is so fast around the ground.
Although I was happy with the result on Friday night, always like to see Collingwood humbled, I have to say that had I been a Collingwood supporter I would have felt robbed and that indeed an umpiring error had cost them the match.
Before pursuing that thought, has anyone played a better 100th game than Joel Sellwood? What with youngsters like Menzel coming on Geelong has a lot to look forward too. Credit must go their coach Scott who has somehow in the space of a very short time changed their game from one of slick handball to having more kicks. Actually I wouldn’t have a clue myself but I keep hearing this on the wireless so it must be right. As far as the Pies are concerned they did have some really important outs so that they can take comfort from that. And once again Daisy was fantastic at various times.
To return to my first point. Gerard Whately on the Monday sporting segment again ridiculed the idea that the game was lost because of an umpiring blunder. To be fair, it is all a matter of timing. Had this occurred in the first quarter the matter would not have been seen to have been so important but occurring when it did about 3 minutes out it assumed much more currency. One cannot say of course what would have happened if Pendlebury’s goal had been allowed, and the ball brought back to the centre. I reckon that umpiring decisions might not lose games because too much has happened before the play and too much will happen after but they sure effect the game. One only needs to think of the free awarded to Jack Anthony (Jack Who?) a couple of years back against Ben Rutten which resulted in a goal at the final siren. So what “lost” that game. A fair umpiring decision against Rutten or that Anthony kicked straight. The latter of course.
State of Origin coming up in the NRL. What would it take for the AFL to re introduce this and be fair dinkum about it. Wouldn’t all Victorians for example love to see the Big V on the field again?

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