The View from Shepparton – Round 6

Two great games this week, the Crows v Sydney and The Suns v Freo.

Everyone is raving about the game in Sydney and in truth it was one of the best Crows wins in years. I have been so cynical about Adelaide over the past few years and more so this year particularly after their effort against Hawthorn. To beat Sydney at home when they had been unbeaten was fantastic and more so because they regained the lead having been outplayed in losing a previously held lead of 4 goals. It has to be said though Goodes was again great in the Sydney recovery and his going off in that vital last quarter was no help to the Swans at all but the thing was that after Adelaide had charged ahead in that last quarter Sydney still nearly got them and would have had Jedda kicked accurately in that last shot at goal, not “shot on goal” for heavens sake. That was an incredible goal from Tippett in a season of incredible goals. I am surprised that some of these blokes aren’t getting the ball to burrow underground in transit to goal. Oh and once again Taylor Walker and Goodes proved that accuracy in our game is possible. Five from five and five from six proves this. It was a fabulous game no doubt about it, particularly for Adelaide but don’t get carried away Crows. Geelong awaits you even if it is at home. One more thing, Dangerfield almost seemed to me to come of age although I realise he has been around for a while now.

For me, having watched both games I found the Suns Freo game the more riveting because despite the odds, that is no Ablett, no Rischitelli and then no Bock, and with Brennan and Swallow playing injured, they still bloody near got up. Now the “K Man” is starting to be called that and why? He is turning out to be seriously good and I noticed on one occasion wrong footed an opponent with a “rugby step”. I have been so scathing of this bloke and the Suns for playing him but I am extremely happy to admit that I am and have been wrong. I reckon that any fair minded observer who sees champions in one code successfully adopt another, to another which is so different must be inspired almost. Incidentally his second goal after the half time siren when the pressure was really on was KICKED STRAIGHT. Freo’s Pavlich didn’t do much but he did put the Dockers back in front in that last quarter with that nice goal. By the way I had never heard of Harvey Bennell, have now. I am really looking forward to this mob playing Port Adelaide, see more later.

I note that coach Ratten wasn’t happy by Carlton’s efforts against Greater Western Sydney but the reality is that no one expected the Giants to go close and the fact that Judd was rested suggests to me a complacency from the top down so that more so than usual I hoped that they would get rolled. Whilst I am at it about GWS, why the friggin’ “Giants”?. This seems to have come straight from the US of A, possibly from some team of lumberjacks. Can’t they have called themselves the “Sprawlers” representing the inhabitants of the great urban sprawl that they are hoping to convert to AFL. I can just see it; “Carn the Sprawls.” At least it would sound authentically Australian or even, heaven forbid, authentically Greater Western Sydneyish.

Anyway the Sprawls made a great account of themselves until three quarter time or at least it was after that that the Blues awoke from their slumbering serenity and got stuck into it. Really bad luck for Satanta to be now out for the year particularly after that magnificent goal in the second quarter. Injuries are crueling players, clubs, everyone.

My crowd were predictably hopeless against the Bombers, who it must be said are a great side this year. I can’t understand it I looked at one best players list of my team which revealed, “Rich, Redden, Brown, McGrath, Maguire”. Why aren’t we doing better with players like that? I suppose that it is all relative, our best were nowhere as good as Essendon’s best. Stanton played a blinder for a start as evidently did half the Essendon team. Cameri was all over, or perhaps more accurately around Merrett before he was injured after what seemed to be the millionth dump tackle. Actually I must admit two things, (1) that I was actually viewing with the Minister for Home Affairs my latest DVD purchase “Red Dog” when my son in law rang to advise me of the 31 to 1 point lead after about 3 minutes of the game and I chose to continue watching the DVD and that, (2) I will be on the Gold Coast in a fortnight’s time and have chosen to go to the Suns Powerless match in preference to whatever Brisbane’s home game happens to be in the previous week.

Port Adelaide were beaten again this time at home. As a rusted on Croweater even after 35 years of having left the place and even as a Norwood supporter I find it astounding and disappointing how they have let down South Australian Football in recent years. They were such a powerhouse of the SANFL and as a youngster I used to think, ‘those Victorian teams think that they are pretty good, wish that they would play Port, and then let them see how good they are?”. I used to have heated debates with a bloke, arguing that Port Adelaide was a greater club than Collingwood. Now look at them, they have been an embarrassment for years and short of being rescued by the AFL would seem to have a very limited future. And, they used to have such a huge supporter base in the sense it was the rest of South Australia v the Magpies. Perhaps they lost some soul when they couldn’t carry their SANFL strip and the “Magpies” tag into the AFL. I should say in respect of the result yesterday, “good on yer Tiges” an away win is a good win.

Melbourne were sort of honourable against Geelong but they are absolutely down and out too, Geelong are supposed to not have a decent ruck division, if that is true they could be well and truly found out next week against the Crows.

Hawthorn have to be OK when Cyril and Lance are both firing. It’s a real shame that Riewoldt is no longer the player that he was. Perhaps years of being targeted, starting with which ever Scott player it was who deliberately hit him on a suspected broken arm all of those years ago at the Gabba has finally worn him down. In so far as St Kilda itself is concerned given the odium that seems to surround a few individuals in the Saints team, I cannot warm to them at all.

West Coast Eagles stay on top and well done them particularly that they too are having a really rough trot with injuries. As a matter of interest I wonder if the Selwood family has put out the best four brothers ever to play the game? It’s a pity they could not have played in the same team as did the Daniher brothers for Essendon. Anyway, North weren’t disgraced either, very hard to win in Perth.

Friday night now seems to be so long ago but the Bulldogs really pushed Collingwood. A great game to watch, once again. Brian Lake had Cloke’s measure and a great goal to boot as well (pun intended). Pendlebury and Beams were noteworthy for Collingwood. Another great advertisement for our code. Collingwood might be getting into a real vein of form too, but by crikey the way the Dogs played they are going to cause a lot of teams difficulties.

High: The K Man’s goal although Tippett’s goal comes close. The low: Port Power’s ongoing disintegration.

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