The View from Shepparton – Round 12

My question this week is, “What is the best or perhaps most appropriate sledge  or quick one liner that you have either delivered or personally  heard in in matters sporting?”. My own personal entry this week is this; “If an aspect of football had the  equivalent of junk bond status the  winner would be the NRL for David Gallop’s sacking and the manner of it.” Was actually going to say “Brisbane” after their effort yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to do it basically because they are a young team who might yet go places in a year or two. Another winner might have been the umpire who gave the 50 metres against Judd on Thursday night. I mean, how soft was that?

The Eagles Carlton game was a great way to start the round. Carlton were a bit unlucky to lose I reckon what with the 50 metre penalty against Judd and I have a vague recollection (I was having a beer at the time) of another Eagle’s mark up forward which whilst paid was pretty dubious. The Blues had a really great third quarter too, Kreutzer getting them off the a great start as he had in the first. Nick Naitanui was said by some to be the best on ground, I would have agreed with that more particularly had he been able to convert that magnificent solo effort in the third quarter into a goal rather than a point but anyway he was pretty good.

The Adelaide St Kilda game was also another great advertisement for our code. Adelaide are so quick and seem to play on at all costs. but again they nearly messed it up, or more particularly Taylor Walker did, missing those two absolute “gimmees” in the last quarter which misses allowed the Saints to get back into the game at a huge rate of knots. The good thing was generally the play was fast and open. Kept waiting for someone to stack their backline particularly in that last quarter but it didn’t happen. Adelaide would have been stiff to lose but had to admire St Kilda’s fight back.

The Giants gave Richmond a bit of a fright but the reality is that any team when threatened by them or Gold Coast will dig very deep to avoid the ignominy of losing. Similarly the Suns went close to North Melbourne but giving away two 50 metre penalties in that last quarter hardly helped their cause. At least both the Giants and the Suns gave their supporters some encouragement for the next round.

Buddy got five against us, if has really started to consistently become more accurate in his kicking that will be a huge fillip for he Hawks. For the Lions, the name Zorcas is starting to receive some attention, it is always exciting to see a new player with real potential start to show his stuff. The Giants Patton is another whose career seems to be getting going.

Highlight of the Week: State of Origin 2 even though Queensland lost.

Lo light: The sacking of David Gallop.

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  1. If I want to read how Carlton were robbed I’ll subscribe to Mark Murphy’s twitter feed.
    The free kicks were 23-21 on the night. Was Judd’s 50 warranted? Dunno, but the free for his marking infringement definitely was. And Cox was only 40 out, so was a reasonable chance to kick it anyway.
    The Eagles got a lucky holding the ball against Joseph I think in the 2Q. Which followed a clear mark to Darling in the same spot being overturned for a ridiculous invisible push in the back when he just held his ground with strong body work.
    Didn’t hear Murphy complaining about that.
    My point is that there were a few confusing decisions. BOTH WAYS. It evened out and played no part in Carlton’s loss. The Eagles inaccuracy and dumb entries into the forward 50 were the main reason it was close.
    Carlton are a very good running side, unsuited to the wet because of their game style. They are a couple of fit Jarrod Waite’s short of being an all round good side. End of story.
    Stop regurgitating the Melbourne media crap

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    Some AFL players (Milne although it wasn’t a set shot) can’t kick straight from 10 metres out, so Cox was no certainty from 40.

    This gets me to the real point I want to make though and that is this. Owing to an oversight never before witnessed in any commentary or so called commentary, when I was thinking about the highlights for last week I completely forgot the Mike Harris penalty conversion. THAT was the highlight.

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