The View from Shepparton – Round 1: Hall not so scary but Magpies are!

by Peter Schumacher

At last the phoney footy is over, the real season has started.

For Richmond barrackers it must have seemed like a continuation of the long cold endless winters of old, except of course on this occasion it was very warm. For the Tiges though, and indeed  all of those who finished second in this first round it could have been seen as a wake up call not  a disaster. Unfortunately work commitments stopped me from viewing this game so I heard about it on the wireless. I think that Carlton got five goals in a hurry and that Richmond put a lot of new players on the field. Carlton sans Fevola were never in doubt. Did wonder again if Victoria is trying to support too many teams in these straightened times.

The Geelong Essendon game was a corker for at least three quarters and talking of corks one bloke owes me a red.Geelong were really pushed and indeed Essendon looked the better team at times, nevertheless these days when one team gets a roll, margins can go out alarmingly. Thought that Ling played really well and that Prismall played well for the Bombers. Have to admit though that despite the excellent TV commentaries I won’t be staying up to 11:30 again. The turning point occurred when Neagle should have been shooting for a thirty point lead, having marked about 40 metres out but instead played on and the opportunity lost.

Brisbane v West Coast must have been a great game. I was taken to task last year when I complained about the lack of coverage in Victoria, and agreed that I had overstated my case. Nevertheless score checks for at least this avid Lions supporter were very far and few during the call of the Sydney game. I am not of course across the broadcasting arrangements and deals but in 2010 it beats me why there can’t be live crosses to Brisbane when games are broadcast from Sydney. I am aware  that  many supporters up and down the east coast and indeed the rest of New South Wales and the ACT would argue that we still have it pretty good here in Victoria. Anway having not heard about it on the wireless I understand that the Lions had a great last quarter and that Brennan had a blinder. J. Brown and B. Fevola also rated a mention. The West Coast Eagles were another team who went well for three quarters and indeed an away win at the Gabba would have been a great start for them. I believe that Nick Naitanui had a great game. He is a really exciting talent.

St Kilda just got home against Sydney and it was a really exciting match to watch. Roos was dirty on his defence but how many teams kick 9 goals straight? Koschitzke will be in trouble again. The fellow seems to be a nice enough bloke, so it is hard to believe that his misdemeanours are done with malice yet he keeps on offending. The first time that Roos has been seen publicly to lose his cool I would have thought. Anyway, it was a nice away win for the Saints.

Hawthorn made Melbourne look awful again, what more can be said?

Collingwood were magnificent against the Bulldogs. I hate to admit this but they did look really good, frightening almost. I thought that O’Brien played very well he really does look like a great athlete these days and he can certainly play the game. One really good thing was that Hall stayed calm when provoked.

Port played well for three quarters against North Melbourne and good on the Dockers for their demolition of Adelaide.

All in all, a pretty good first round, AFL beats soccer hands down. Just had to throw that in

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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    I wouldn’t be too worried about Collingwood- they’ve been talking about winning another flag for years!

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