The View From Shepparton Returns

So here we are, “The View” awaits the new season feeling invigorated and ready to go.


The first thing I want to say though is that like everyone else I was saddened by the death of Jim Stynes. I can’t say anything new about the bloke so will content myself with the thought that if young footballers want an inspirational role model he would have to be it.


On to more mundane things I dried up last year, unlike the rest of the country and thus never paid homage to the joy of the magnificent win by Geelong in the Grand Final. Even though I fervently wish it had been Brisbane doing the damage, I purchased at great expense to my long suffering “she who must be obeyed” the BluRay version of this game and have watched it several times. In truth I was a little sad to see Mick go out in such a fashion however I recognise that this view has not been shared universally as it were by the universe.


So what about this year. Even though the Crow’s seem to have half of the former Geelong’s coaching staff they have been given the kiss of death by winning the pre season cup so forget them.


Greater Western Sydney will unfortunately only be playing 17 men on the field each match as they will be carrying Israel all year, just as the Gold Coast carried Karmichael Hunt last year. I appreciate that the AFL want to bulldoze the NRL out of existence but I don’t care what lengths they go to they will never convince die hard Rugby League supporters in say Townsville or Toowoomba or Western Sydney. It is simply not part of the culture in most places down the eastern seaboard and adjacent inland. Besides the AFL has nothing like the “State of Origin” games, unfortunately the truth is that club loyalties are too strong and there is no playing Australian side to add zest to the competition.


So GWS last and the Gold Coast second last at the end of the season. Followed up the ladder by Port Adelaide, Carlton, Richmond, Brisbane Lions, Collingwood ( who will rue getting rid of Mick), Melbourne,  Adelaide and Fremantle just out of the eight. North Melbourne will finish eighth followed up the ladder by Essendon, Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, Sydney, West Coast, Geelong and Hawthorn on top of the ladder at the end of the minor round.


I expect that as happened last year there will be several blow outs, just don’t let them include Brisbane. On the other hand what a final series it was in 2011 where there were some fantastic matches.


Bring It On!


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  1. John Butler says

    Good to have you back Peter.

    Glad the drought broke. Looking forward to the season from Shepparton.

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