The View From Shepparton: Rd. 2

I have a range of emotions regarding the Queensland sides. I feel  dire despair that they are going to do the code more harm than good up in Queensland this year unless they become more competitive. On the other hand the old “Bears” were hopeless for years as they were getting established. Unfortunately, even since their rebirth as the Lions they have been pretty much the same since they won their last premiership in 2003. For the Suns, Karmichael Hunt will never be a decent footballer, it seems that  as Folau is finding out as well, the transition from NFL to AFL is just too difficult.  In the brief clips I saw of the Suns game Hunt seemed to be out of position when the ball came his way and looked generally lost. Good try AFL to stick it up the NRL but it will come unstuck. On the other hand both teams, but particularly the Suns, of course have very young sides. In fact the Suns had 12 players playing in their first AFL game as was pointed out by Gerard Whately on ABC radio this morning. Just getting back to Hunt though, I hope that his recruitment won’t turn out to be a sort of Fevola thing, not because his circumstances are anything like that but in the sense that a lot of money has been spent in buying the wrong player in terms of the potential returns to the club to the detriment to the rest of the team. For the Lions, having Brown out is a total body blow but then there have been many key players from other clubs who have already sustained season ending injuries.

Great to see Richmond playing well on Friday night particularly without Jack Riewoldt. Just on Herr Riewoldt, he does appear to me to have a temperament problem, in this instance having a dummy spit when wiser heads decided to not allow him to go back on after his appointment with the earth. Last year he got cross at times when the ball wasn’t delivered to him on the proverbial platter surrounded by watercress. Anyway it was a great game to watch  however I think that the Saints star is going to fade this year unless they play to win rather than play to save games. Saint Nick must hate the game at the moment the way that his team plays. This was a really exciting match to watch though because of some of the footy played and of course that it ended in the second tie of the season.

I felt depressed that Freo lost to Geelong but if teams can’t kick straight then generally, except for Hawthorn yesterday, it catches up with them. Interstate sides absolutely cannot afford to lose games at home because mostly, unlike the Melbourne sides, particularly Collingwood, they have to play away every second week. Good luck to the Cats though, perhaps they are not a spent force. I thought that they were.

Carlton’s win against the Sun’s was a 119 point percentage booster for them and probably  played some members of their team into form. That is my positive spin on that game.

The West Coast are now two zip, have to like that. The Powerless are being their normal these days powerless selves. Here’s the joke. My events organiser and I and an extended family of 4 grand children will probably be going to the Port Suns game as we will be in Adelaide over Easter. Just want to get to an AFL game live. I reckon if there is a crowd of say 10,000 for that game it will be a miracle. In regards to the Eagles we will get a better idea of what they might be like when they play Sydney next week. To be fair to Port, losing their captain Cassisi for 6 weeks is hardly going to help their season.

Collingwood thrashed North Melbourne by 87 points. Everyone knew that they would so that fixes that. Imagine what they will do to the Suns! Looking forward to the Collingwood Carlton game next Friday night. Should be a shrip norter even if Collingwood just get their noses in front by 60 points plus.

Did we need to do a swab of members of the Hawthorn team for their efforts after half time given the score line of 8.2 to 3.13 at the long break. I thought at that stage “beauty, the Dees will get up”. Yet another disappointment.

The Essendon bubble has burst. Like most sides they can’t win away. All the same in what was a fantastic game, they looked really good and were definitely at the wrong end of some umpiring decisions in that final quarter. I reckon that whilst obviously they would be disappointed at losing, they are going to win a lot more than they lose this year. Sydney though yet again showed the courage and spirit they have displayed so often over recent years, they are never beaten. And I like it that Bolton and McGlynn both scored pressure goals from set shots. When you think about it it was a really a great come back for Sydney after being 28 points down in that second quarter at which point I was thinking,”damn, another Victorian team winning away”.

Brisbane gave me no cause to think that they could win away, let alone at home. The Western Bulldogs far too good and how I wish that we had a talent like Tom Liberatore starting with us this year.

India winning the World Cup has made a nation of over 1 billion people happy so I am happy for them as well.

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