The View From Shepparton: Rd 3

It is easy to descend into gloom as a gap appears between the top and bottom teams even this early into the season, but perhaps instead one should celebrate the fact that the top teams are playing really good footy and it is up to other teams to lift their game.

I really enjoyed the Carlton Collingwood match and the fact that it attracted the crowd of 88,181. It would have been great to be there. Good fast footy most of the time although Carlton still indulged in this ridiculous short passing and kicking backwards in the backline, a sure sign most times that a team lacks confidence, lacks direction. Of course I was as sour as hell that the Maggies won but have to concede that they were too good. There have been some suggestions that the winners took the foot of the pedal thus allowing the final result to be comparatively close but the way I saw it Collingwood were the recipients of two pretty soft 50 metre penalties from out of their backline area in the third quarter just when Carlton was really pressing. This could have turned the game, or perhaps to be more accurate helped to reinforce Collingwood’s lead at the time. I can’t say that I am a great fan of Chris Judd’s after the softest Brownlow win ever but he certainly got in and under and practically off his own bat tried to keep Carlton going. I reckon that coaches must tell their charges again and again, “don’t give away 50 metre penalties, these can be game changers particularly if inflicted against the run of play” and, “if you go for spekkies please at least have a reasonable chance of bringing it down”. Hampson tried a few times which mostly resulted in turn overs, admittedly he did get one however and I think that Waite took at least two. Garlett provided some real excitement with the way that he plays. I think that it could be argued that Blair has maintained his place in the Magpie side. Makes the fact that Jack Anthony break the Crow’s hearts a couple of years back and then went nowhere for ever after a bit poignant. Krakaouer is just magic.

I thought that Richmond would win, got that wrong, again. On paper, as was the case last year, you wonder why you would back against the Hawks, I mean, just looking at their best players according to this morning’s Oz, Franklin, Hodge, Burgoyne, to name some. You would go to a game just to see these players in action. Richmond were being Richmond, just as likely to roll Collingwood next Friday night. There, you heard it here first. But I doubt it.

Sydney had a great win against the Weagles particularly after they had given them a two goal start during the last quarter. Never underate the Swans, fair dinkum. Goodes again played inspirational football. I always like to see Kieran Jack doing well. Same with Naitanui for the West Coast. Everett is coming good for Sydney.

The Gold Coast were completely outclassed again only by not so much this time. Brown is an idiot, yet another signing that will be forever regretted. Can’t understand professional footballers washing their careers down the drain. Smith looked as though he might be something. Ablett played much better also and I really hope that he can dispel doubts as to his leadership potential. I thought that Hall was supposed to have been finished when he left Sydney, again this year he is proving what a fabulous recruiting coup he was forfor the Dogs last year.

St Kilda are on the slide, even their coach is saying that, but they played a red hot Essendon. In fact I would have thought that most observers would have backed them. The Anzac Day clash could be anything. Riewoldt must now despair that he will ever play in a premiership winning side after being so close last year. And Fletcher just keeps going and going. If he has ever played a bad game, I don’t recall it. St Kilda might be reaping the rewards of their awful off season I reckon.

Freo had a really fabulous win against the Crow’s, a result that personally left me feeling a bit sour and should have left the Crow’s to do some soul searching as to where they are at. After all the pre match hype about structures and leadership groups and the general club ethos, the Adelaide effort was truly miserable, indeed it was no different than in the beginning of the season last year. Got to wonder if the club has learned anything in the last five years. Anyway, shouldn’t take it away from Freo, they were not expected to win. Really hope that Sandilands is not injured badly, Pavlich is a captain’s captain I reckon. Would have liked to have seen Dangerfield’s goal. As I understand it he took a free from centre half back and having out run and out manoeuvred the opposition over a distance encompassing three bounces kicked truly from fifty metres out.

Brisbane gave it a red hot go, have to say that. Just hate it though that they gave up a thirty point lead. I think that we could have done with Jurrah on our side. Just love watching our indigenous players when they get going. I reckon that their performance gave me hope that they might yet have a half decent season. As for Melbourne, who knows?

Which unfortunately Port won’t. They were OK in the first quarter but after that it was a cakewalk for Geelong. I’ve said it before but being a born and bred South Australian, I can’t understand why Port Adelaide has turned out, generally speaking, to be such easybeats.

Thought that “we” had the Masters this morning. No such luck.

Also, how on earth can the claim that Black Caviar is the best racehorse in the world be substantiated. Sure the horse has a fantastic record but this seems to me to be yet another peculiarly Victorian claim. I wonder how stables in the US or UK or Japan would react to this suggestion.? Perhaps I am just showing my ignorance of racing.

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