Almanac Soccer: The Tykes make it

2016 hasn’t been treating this Don Tragic with a lot of happiness as of now, but I have a few other teams that bring me joy.


Coburg (VFL) after a series of very narrow losses have broken through for a win recently and Fitzroy and MHSOB (VAFA) are more than holding their own in their divisions, however the team that has brought me the greatest joy is Barnsley playing in the English Football League One.


Known as The Tykes this South Yorkshire club hasn’t had much success over the last decade, but this year things have changed.


In early December of 2015 Barnsley were stone motherless last and looked a sure thing to drop down another division, but dramatically things changed when Paul Heckingbottom took over as Interim Manager. The club had 13 victories in 21 games and climbed up from the relegation zone into 6th place and in the playoffs for promotion.


They defeated Walsall twice and then were too good for Milwall to gain promotion to the Championship division. So next year The Tykes will front up in the higher league for the first time in four years. About six weeks earlier The Tykes won the Johnson Paint Trophy and win their first bit of silverware since 1912. Think of that, first trophy since 1912.


I bet that trophy looks good in the display cabinet, or maybe someone will have to rush out and buy one.


I’m sure John Smith Bitter takes sweeter in the Prince William Hotel in Barnsley, wish I was there to join the lads in celebrating the promotion.



Rod Oaten


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