The state of the Game is the game of the State

The state of the Game

Is the game of the State,

My ball up’s your balls up

It’s mate upon mate


You call it a scrap

I call it congestion,

Your finest entree

My indigestion


Six six six

The sign of the devil?

Starting positions

Is the playing field level?


Footy was footy

When men were real men,

Now fodder for ads

On SE bloody N


What do they speak of

When they talk footy lately?

Not speccies or torps

Just talkback on Whateley


The rules of the game

The list on the fridge,

Art works in progress

Like Sydney Harbour’s Bridge



  1. John Butler says

    PB, I keep wondering how much of this current angst is just a product of too many journos with too little to discuss? Or maybe too many middle-aged journos?


  2. DBalassone says

    Nice work PB.

    What a beat up this debate it!

    I reckon the ugly thing in footy is Ben Brown’s run up. Now, seriously, that is bloody hard to watch.

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