The Sporting Globe Sports Bar Phenomenon

In March 2014 I had just returned from my Excellent 6 month adventure in the USA. I reached out to my Almanac Community on my return asking for wisdom and knowledge or contacts for Sports Bars, USA style.

Then life intervened and my beloved Saints came in 18th and there have been births and deaths and Lenny’s retirement. The search and adventure had to be put on hold.

Then last week some strange events and intersections of life occurred. I had gone to Fitzroy Artists Garden to drop of 9 of my footy paintings, one of a pensive Andrew G (oil), and the others of Buddy (still a Hawk), Jake King (still a Tiger), Adam Goodes, Jack Stevens (all in pastel), Jeff Garlett,  Brendon Goddard as both a Saint and a Bomber, and Jobe Watson (all in gouache).  I got to chatting with Simon who runs the joint and delivered all my paintings.  My Mum Elfie came too, for a day out.  Simon loved that I was decorated in my colours, and I promised him two of 2013 Almanacs for all his assistance.  Then I promptly forgot about the books in Mum and my search for a place to eat lunch.  Just as we are getting back into the car, I see the Almanacs and head back up to the Gallery to give Simon his gifts.

Simon introduces me to two other artists dropping off their work, pointing out my crazy attire to them. One of the women, S, says, “oh my god, are you single”, to which I gave a positive reply, and she asked if she could introduce me to her friend who was a mad Sainter.  It felt like an adventure to me so I said why not.

By the next day, he had rung, and we were to meet for drinks after dinner, so I got to see his tradie truck with his mad Sainter painted along the back and we laughed and enjoyed a drink together before going our own ways. It was a pleasant night out and it’s always fun to meet other mad people.

This set of circumstances did revitalise the adventurous side of me again, and so this Saturday I asked a friend to come with me to find a bar to watch the Fremantle vs Port game. To resume moments of getting out there in the world and see what was happening with it.  I had long lost the suggestions that one Knacker gave me of a pub in Bridge road, so we googled Sportings Bars in Richmond and a new chapter has begun.

Google gave me “The Sporting Globe Bar and Grill” at 288 Bridge Road, traffic was light and parking easy, and when Sara and I found the pub, I felt like I walked back into Kentucky or Plymouth. It was exactly as I remembered.  So I asked for the manager and chatted with Kelvin and later with Lucinda our waitress.  This bar has only be open 3-4 months, a concept developed when a Melbourne man went to the States for a visit, fell in love with the Sports Bars, and came back here, partnered up with a mate, and created  the Sporting Globe group.  There is one in Geelong, Fountain Gate, Moonee Ponds and now in Richmond, with one coming to Watergardens soon.  Richmond SGB is a franchise.

It was full of young people and a few of us older ones, one side of the downstairs bar had stools to sit and perhaps eat dinner (something missing from pubs) and NO POKIES, a big plus for me. It completely changes the atmosphere.  There were booths with TV’s on the walls where you could choose your sporting menu.  There were tables to eat a dinner.  There was a beer garden upstairs, two huge screens, and several private function rooms, and the place was buzzing.  Sara and I were given a table, ordered what turned out to be brilliant salmon and superb steak, and sat there drinking and absorbing the atmosphere.  Sara was born in the States but came here when she was 21, so never went to sports bars over there. I was introducing her to a whole new experience like Glenn and Debbie in Kentucky and Andre and Elizabeth in Plymouth, had done for me.

 Yvette Sporting Globe

One of the downstairs bars

There were over 30 screens of TV’s, some showing the rugby game between Australia and Argentina, and others showing racing, but at 7.5 most became AFL screens and all of a sudden we were as one, a bunch of people enjoying the Semi-Final between Freo and Port. The buzz was immediate.  We were home, eating, relaxing, drinking and chatting, surrounded by others who were doing likewise.  At half time I checked out the upstairs area, taking a few photos, and making friends with some young South African men who were busy trying to convince me one of their number was a Rugby player.  I think I confused them when I said he had a neck, and rugby players that I am used to seeing seemed to have none.  They were sweet. And their mate may well have played rugby. The upstairs area was full and exciting and worth a drop in another time.

The footy game itself was a surprise, Freo looked to be ready to front up to another Preliminary Final but Port Adelaide had other ideas. Freo’s inaccuracy meant that the door was open and Port shoved their way through.  And kept coming, and what looked like a walkover turned into a tight match between two desperate teams and a stronger Port Adelaide taking the prize.  Next weekend’s football has set up an interesting two contests.  Can the two outsiders (of the top four) give Sydney and Hawthorn a run for their money?  Sara, a Hawk girl, hopes not. It will all come to pass, as it does in the footy heaven and hell.

Meanwhile, the food was delicious, gourmet and enough without the American influence of having far too much for one human to consume. It was a great night out, and just what the doctor ordered.  I will return, it looks a great place for a party or a function or just to hang out with friends.




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  1. Great reading Yvette and your chance date with another mad sainter!

  2. I am in qld yvette . Can you give me an idea why we delisted clinton jones

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