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The Red and the White: Buddy, Gazza and Macca

I’m on the road home, currently in Canberra. Rather than ponder whether Mal should continue after 30 lost Newspolls, I have bigger questions to ask.


From my vantage point on the old Doug Walters Hill, the Swans had a great win, largely due to an even all round performance and the contribution of our Buddy. I’m not only referring to his amazing goal from 95 metres out… ok, maybe 65 metres… but his all round brilliance. Commentators suggest that he was well held by the Giants’ Phil Davis because his possessions were gained up field between high half forward and wing and that he didn’t hit the scoreboard ’til the last few minutes. What bull. Davis plays Buddy as well as anyone, but in my book 22 possessions, 10 marks, nine inside 50s and two goals is outstanding. What do you think? I’m happy for Bud to have the occasional breakout game of six, eight or 10 goals, for the rest of the time I’m more than satisfied for him to be hitting up Reid, Hayward, Rohan and others up forward.


Speaking of Gazza Rohan: another six possession game, albeit with two goals; is this enough? I know he chases and tackles, but six possessions? I believe he needs to double it and regularly hit the scoreboard, otherwise his position will become tenuous. Your views?


Macca, I’m sorry to say, seems to have lost a yard. Normally I would not say this is the only measure, as his footy acumen is outstanding, though in the second quarter he made a number of bad handling errors which resulted in turnovers and a goal. For his sake I am sure his touch will return, but with the likes of Newman and Fox waiting in the wings he may come under pressure. Remember what happened with Ryan O’Keeffe back in 2014. No sentiment was shown then and I suspect the same will apply to Macca if the coaching staff think his time has come.




Swans fans, if you’re in Melbourne this week, Friday’s (April 13) lunch is with former player and current writer Barry Mitchell at the North Fitzroy Arms. Details here.
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About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. craig dodson says


    I thought Macca was very good last week against Port.. With the Back line under the pump over the last 2 weeks he has had to do most of the heavy lifting. Tough gig at his vintage. I’m hoping he can hold together for the year as we really need him. Rampe seems a bit off this year.

    Just have that nagging feeling that it is Buddy or nothing at the moment..

  2. Rushing for the plane – early trip to Melbourne for the Dogs game!
    Not much to report that hasn’t been said already. Yes, Gazza needs to be more involved, Buddy is tremendous, Haywood good, Newman should return soon, and Jones. Surely we can fix up the odd fumble and dropped mark scenario – we’ll be right
    Cheer cheer

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    Sydney did a pretty good job of forcing Monaros into errors, a well deserved win.
    Even if we did feature a one-legged ruckman.
    Reid’s injury will make a mess of plans. How many neophyte ruckman have been running training drills with Lance before this week?

  4. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    I too thought Macca was good. He still remains frequently unmarked – has happened his whole career long. Vastly different to Rioli except in the way that he can earn his spot with few possessions of precision and class alone. Sans Jones, or Newman, he felt pretty important in that half back area.

    I think Rohan has much bigger things going on in his life right now and am glad that the club is supporting him with the kind of weekly normalcy that will play its part on the road he is soon to travel.

    Thought Ollie Florent had a bit of a break out game. Hayward looks more imposing every week. Gee, he leads well. Imagine when he stacks on some bulk! Hannebery looks under duress. Buddy is simply pure.

    Interesting to see how the backline works this weekend. I agree that Rampe’s a bit tied down by his defensive game so far this year and his attack hasn’t yet blossomed. Possibly a bit fortunate that the Dogs play largely small up forward although Adelaide will pose different challenges. I’d like to see Aliir forward rather than back. Thought the addition of Reid was structurally important. This famous depth has its chance to shine.

    Go Bloods!

  5. Keiran Croker says

    Good to see Aliir back with Newman and Jones. With so many of our tall options gone, for good or in the medium term, I think Aliir could be a wild card able to play back, forward, wing or relief ruck. He might also be the spare down back replacing the role Reid or Rohan usually play late each quarter.

    Watching last week’s game back on replay I agree that Macca played a handy game after his early fumbles. I think he might be better suited up the ground these days, though agree his ball use is all class and he regularly sets up the play. I think we are now well served by good ball users off half back .. Mills, Lloyd, Jones, Newman, etc.. along with Macca. I think Fox could add to this mix at times too. Rampe wil come good!

    Hannas still looks short of a run, so think his best may be by mid year. Kizza is looking great after seeming to be gone this time last year!

    Re Gazza, my observations are based on his output over time, though do understand there are more important issues going on in his life right now.

    I think there is so much up side in the young brigade .. Heeney, Hewitt, Papley, Mills, Hayward and Florent. It will be interesting to see if others come through this season. Based on last years NEAFL performance I’m hoping Jordan Dawson will add something to the mix.

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