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The Red and the White – A Week Is A Long Time.

The Red and the White – A Week Is A Long Time.


A week is a long time in footy. You are only as good as your last game. Two over used, though true sayings. Last week I was revelling in the Swans amazing come from behind win at the Cattery. One of the best wins I have seen in my many years of following the Bloods. With Buddy and a number of other key players missing we found a way, despite only having three players taller than 190cm.


So back on our home patch this week at the SCG against the Roos surely we will win. Well it does not work that way. Thankfully the birthday dinner on Saturday night of a good friend saved me from watching our game live. So I’ve only seen the edited highlights of the game, which are not long. With only 9 goals each there is not much scope, and by all reports is was an ordinary game unless you are a North supporter. It appears that turnovers have again cost us dearly. And maybe Macca touched that goal late in the first quarter. Though in all honesty it looked like we had plenty of opportunity to win it.


So what’s going wrong at the moment. Clearly we are lacking tall targets up front, in what is a forward line light on experience. I’m loathe to knock Gary Rohan given all he has been through, however he needs to stand up, currently being our most experienced forward. He needs to present, clunk some marks and hit the scoreboard. Come on Gary you can do it.


I think we will need to roll the dice on bringing in a tall to support Cal Sinclair, who is doing a wonderful job in the ruck. And we need to provide other targets, even when Buddy is back. Cameron, Aliir, McCartin?


When we struggle some commentators immediately proffer that we are slow. And maybe our core midfield do lack leg speed. However it’s got to be more than that, about how we structure and how we move the ball. An analysis of the player tracker stats on the AFL website in fact indicate that we have matched or bettered the Roos in many of the key speed indicators – average and high speeds and repeat efforts in attack and defence. Not surprisingly Rohan, Towers, Ronke, Fox, Hayward, Florent and Lloyd, who are all quick, are prominent in the speed stats.


Stats can only tell you so much. I might go and have a look at the last quarter replay. Though there is not a lot of joy to be gained from looking back at a loss. It seems we are not playing consistently and perhaps are lacking some form and confidence. With a lot of young talent in the mix, we need to find the right blend. It’s about winning the ball and moving it efficiently. Easier said than done, and of course the opposition is also attempting to do just that too.


On the basis that a week is a long time, I imagine that our coaching team are already looking at how we can topple our nemesis the Hawks this Friday night at the MCG whether or not Buddy is back to provide a touch of brilliance against his old mob. Last year they knocked us off twice by a goal, and they seem to lift and find a way no matter where we both are on the ladder. However, I’m still confident we are up for it. Maybe we just might mix it up and pull some selection surprises. Lets see.



About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. craig dodson says

    I think our lack of depth is getting exposed KC. The reserves are not even stringing wins together. Fingers crossed we can produce something on Friday.

  2. All we can do is hope, Keiran.
    Cheer cheer

  3. Keiran Croker says

    Good to see young Tom McCartin picked tonight. By all accounts he presents well and works hard. In tonight’s conditions that’s all you can ask. We need those extra targets forward. Should also consider Aliir or Cameron for next home game.
    Also I do like Dan Robinson and think he needs to be given an extended run in the Firsts.
    Tonight will be a grind so all we can ask for is a consistent four quarter effort.
    Go Swans!
    Cheer, cheer.

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