Almanac Junior Footy – Caulfield Bears v Dingley Under 12 Girls: A premiership story

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Writer: Linda O’Keefe (Sam’s Mum)

Age Group: Under 12 girls Polar

Score: Caulfield Bears 8-6-54 d Dingley JFC 1-1-7

Location: King George Reserve Oval

Weather: Slight breeze, cloudy and clear (no rain this week)

Game Captain: Jas Conrad

Game Vice Captain: Charlotte Brewer



Game Report:


Grand Final day!  The girls arrived excited and nervous, and were ready to give all for their team and coach in the last game of the season.  After the National Anthem was sung and a huge cheer from their many supporters, they took to the field.


The coach’s instructions were to stick to the game plan they had played all year, and to run hard all game. “Have faith that you will tire them out,” said Adam.


Quarter 1 started with a lot of back and forth play and tackling, indicating a close match was coming.  The id field played hard with great intensity in their defence, in particular Maddie and Jas.  After some tight struggles, the Bears broke through Dingley’s defence with 1 goal going to Violet and 2 goals to Matilda. Dingley scored a late 6-pointer in the quarter, with the Bears going into the first quarter break leading 3.1 to 1.0.


Quarter 2 started similarly to the first, with both sides’ defences very tight. Anika managed to kick a point, and shortly after intercepted the ball and went onto kick our 3rd goal.  The Bears defence in this quarter was remarkable.  Sam, Claudia and Lily did not give them the chance to enter their goal third.  The Bears went into half time leading 4.3 to 1.0.


Third quarter, otherwise known as championship quarter, came and the Bears made it known why they deserved the Premiership with a true championship quarter performance.  Coach Adam’s advice at half time was to run the opposition off their feet, and as in every other game of the season, the girls obeyed.  Their fitness levels are to be admired.  There were many great moments in this quarter – great marks in the back line by Sophie and Sam, Violet and Matilda worked together for a point, Matilda kicked another goal after a great hustle by the mid-fielders, Violet kicking long only for Anika to collect it just before the goal line to convert another goal, and to finish off a great quarter, Lucy converted a magnificent goal when all others thought the was ball was going out.  Bears leading into the final quarter 8.6 to 1.0-6.


The final quarter finally saw the frantic pace of the game slow, but our girls still played consistently and strong to ensure that Dingley only had 1 goal on the scoreboard for the game.  The siren sounded and the girls and coaches were ecstatic. Final score for the grannie was Bears 8.6.54 to Dingley 1.1.7.  At the presentation, Andy (aka Adam) made a magnificent speech, the cup was presented to a thrilled Bears team, and Matilda was awarded the Umpires player of the match.



A grand final and full season that they should all be so proud of!






  1. Kasey Symons says

    Go Bears! Congrats Jas and Hoofa you legends! So proud!
    Great write up Yvette :)

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Linda O’Keefe did the write up. I just put it together. It’s all Caulfield Bears!

  3. Nuggets Dad says

    Go Bears. Terrific group of young ladies and very very well coached!

  4. J. Wotherspoon says

    Brilliant finish to the fabulous season! Well done U12 Bears Girls Polars! Brilliant team effort. Such a supporting and inclusive bunch. Outstanding coaching Mr Conrad! Fabulous support team Rachael, Damo, Amy, Donna & Donna!
    PS Awesome photos Stuart x

  5. Team Mgr & Girls Co-ordinator says

    Whoo hoo!!! Such an awesome club, great players…families…and coaching crew!
    Can’t wait for next year where we hope to get not 3 but 7 (yes SEVEN) girls teams including U10 and U16!!!
    Go CBJFC!
    Congratulations to these adorable ladies who played their hearts out xx

  6. Well done Girks, I was thee in the crowd cheering you on.

    Great style and some brilliant kicking by all concerned.

    Go Bears.


  7. Great work from the whole team! Almanac family should be extra proud of Jas and Hoofa too. Carn the Bears!

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