The Pre-Wrap – Round XX


What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Brad Green has followed Brad Miller, Cameron Bruce, Brock Mclean & James McDonald out the door at Melbourne.  You’ve been a Loyal Servant of The Club Brad, and you’ve given us some great moments.  After the monstering you and your teammates received at the hands of Essendon in 2000, you deserved more from The Game.  But there are plenty that can say that.  You can walk out the door with your head held high.

Our Ammo stringer tells us The Panthers are at the crossroads.  They are sitting a sliver of percentage above Old Scotch but have the tougher run home.  Crunch time occurs in Round XVII when they line up against The Finger Biscuits.  The Carey Fairy Faithful are philosophical about the outcome.  Taking it just one season at a time, they see this as a stepping-stone to greater glory.  There may well be something in the water around there at the Bulleen Road Thunderdome, but that’s not what the Old Carey Faithful are drinking.

If the suspension of Dane Swan for breaking the rechabite curfew cures the Collywobbles you’d like to think they’ll be looking at a cure for the common cold next, eh?

But enough of my gabbin, let’s see who’s going to be getting plenty after Round XX.

The Coasters v The Pivotonians at Fortress Sooby tonight.  We got The High Flyers dreadfully wrong last week.  And The Handbags for that matter.  (Don’t be so hard on yourself Wrap, you got Carey Old Boys – Ed)  We’re going to stick with The Weagles again in this one.  Why?  Home ground advantage for one – we’ve all heard how the umpires are easily swayed over there – but also, firstly they would have had the riot act read to them on Tuesday & Thursday nights, and secondly, the return of Glass to make the Big Tomahawk earn every touch, and thirdly, the return of Embley & Brennan to add experience and drive.  On top of that, the loss of Hunt & Kelly denies The Moggies two of their toughest tough nuts.  There’s enough money out on The Hoopers to have them going in as lukewarm favourites, but as we saw last week, The Cats have every intention of defending their title to the last man standing, so keep you hands in your pockets for this one.  West Coast.

The Feeling Faints v The Fuchsias on The Paddock That Grew on Saturday Arvo.  No 2nd prizes here.  The Dees are in total disarray.  True they gave GWS a shellacking last weekend, but after kicking 10 goals to half time they only kicked another six for the second half.  This won’t be enough against St Seaford.  The Seagulls from us here deep in the bowels of the Wrapcave, and if you like risk aversion investment, the $1.05 on offer may be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

The Pride of South Australia v The Barry Crockers on Crow Park at the Traditional Time.  This is probably the toughest of the lot.  The Stevedores surpassed themselves last week in the Derby.  But they’re not playing West Coast in front of The Western Tribes this time around.  This is Adelaide in Adelaide in front of The Rabid Baying Adelaide Mob.  They’ll miss McPharlin too, especially with Tippett back from his MRI induced sojourn.  The Mighty Adelaide Crows, and did you blink too, when your eyes feasted on the largess of The Bagmen?  $1.43 no less.  Take out a second mortgage on the kids and pile it on.

GCFC v GWS at the Metricon in the twilight zone.   The Sunbeams are the fancied side here, and who are we to go against the tide?  The Metermaids in an absolute thriller for the Coveted Sylvan Shield.

The Bloods v Carringbush tomorrow night at Homebush.  There’s been a lot of talk about The Pies having the wood on Sydney; in much the same way there’s been talk of a Geelong Hoodoo over Hawthorn.  We say humbug to that sort of primitive superstition.  Here’s two evenly matched teams out there and if anything the Homeside should have an edge.  They’ve been playing disciplined Blue Collar Football and are superbly coached by Johnny Longmire.  (Wouldn’t North love to have had a Favourite Son at the helm at Arden Street, eh? – Ed)  The Piemen won’t miss Swan as much as The Swanees will miss Bolton, and the return of Diddums Didak at this level will be of interest as the finals approach.  It was a close run thing the last time at this venue, and even though Beams is killing them now that he’s been elevated to the 1st Ruck, he’ll need to take his teammates with him if The Woods are to have a chance.  And let’s face it; they aren’t without one.  A lot will depend on Dawes & Cloke – and the enigma that is the aging South Melbourne captain.  If Goodes strikes his Brownlow Best Form it’s good night nurse for The Woodsmen.  And to be honest, Dawes & Cloke don’t inspire.  O’Brien & O’Keefe will be a great tussle, but we’d suggest there’ll be those in The Monochrome Army that will be feeling a bit squeamish about seeing Harry O defending so close to the goal line.  We’re going for the Ladder Leaders here, but only because we have to go for someone.  A draw would make for some interesting August calculations, and it’s not out of the question.  Steak & Kidney in a nail biter.

Captain Carlton v The Gorillas tomorrow night under cover.  On form it has to be The Rattzbaggers.  Goose Maguire on Waite would be a highlight, and the Rt Hon Edward G Betts another.  Big Bad Jonathon Brown in full flight another.  But apart from that it’s another night of ho hum on the Shifting Sands.  With snow down to 600m and The Bloods v Carringbush on the box, chuck in Olympic swap over’s during the adverts & term breaks, why would you bother venturing all that way down to the Bottom End of Bourke Street?

The Mighty Fighting Hawks v The Chokers down at Lonny for the early one on the Sunday.  The last thing Port Adelaide needed was a trip to the Apple Isle to play the pre-season Premiership Favourite OTR.  The Mayblooms, and there’s a chance we’ll see both ends of The Sweep kicked here in this one.

Struggletown v The Sick Man of the AFL at The People’s Ground mid Sunday afternoon.  The Tiges are fired up.  They realize they’ve blown their September Season, and now there’s a risk they may miss Glorious Ninth.  The Playing Group has been told that they’re playing for their careers at Tigerland; they’re sure to have been told the same thing at Whitten Oval, but, based on present form, you’d have to wonder if any of The Sons of The West, other than Bob Murphy, are actually listening.  Richmond, and with Ward Rooney’s forecasting morning clearing showers to clear by early afternoon, there’s a very chance that patrons will be treated to a goalfest.

The Human Hamstrings v The Shinboners under cover to wind up proceedings for Round XX.  The Hammies nearly pulled off a Famous Victory last week and showed all the 2nd half fight that has been lacking of late.  They’ve recalled the aging and creaking Hille, Monfries, Prof. Gadget, Hibberd and New Boy Lee.   Everyone but Joe Daniher.  The Norsemen have been doing everything right since the Hawks belted them by 112 points in Round XII.  They lost this one by the penultimate narrowest possible margin in the Opening Round of the season in controversial circumstances.  The Roos love playing wide and are past masters at creating the loose man.  They’ve got some genuine leg speed too.  This wouldn’t have gone un-noticed by the Gliders’ Coaching Committee.  Our Whingy Hill Insider has hinted that this team list is not much good, and that without Stanton, Zacca & Howlett there’s not sufficient support for Watson to carry the ball into attack.  We’re not prepared to write them off so easily.  At $2.30 they’re in Roughie of the Round Territory.  They’ve regained their Self Belief, and more importantly, so has their Coaching Group.  Fletcher’s been given Drew Petrie and has the reach to make sure the Coleman Contender earns every shot on goal.  The Bombers have their own goalsquare marking target in Bellchambers, who can be swung into the ruck to counter Toddy Goldstein if need be.  They’ve plenty of ground level firepower too, in Davey, Jetta & Lonergan.  With Crameri in the pocket and Hurley at CHF, and their season on the line, we’re anointing The Marshmallows to Roughie of The Round.

Good tipping and even better punting.

And remember, if you read it in the Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.


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I'm an Aussie Rules tragic who can remember, as a four year old, shaking the hand of Captain Blood in the rooms just before he ran out onto the ground after half time, as my Old Man slipped him a packet of under-the-counter Craven A cork tipped. Now it's my turn to take my grandson Ben through the ritual of character building that is the journey through PUNT ROAD to the outside world.


  1. Wrapster – put a few coins on the Dees. The Saints hate the G almost as much as the Dees hate winning.

  2. They’re out over $10 Dips. The Junction Oval Seagulls couldn’t possibly blow this one – or could they? You aren’t privy to something that isn’t in the public arena are you? Like terrorists have blown up the Mordialloc Bridge as the St Seaford team bus was crossing it?

  3. Wrapster – as it happens I am privy to certain information. But its a secret.

  4. It’s not the Mordialloc Creek Bridge being blown up is it Dips. I used to fish & dive off that bridge. Well, jump.

  5. Neil Belford says

    Question – Are North good – are they top 8 or has the fixture been significant.

  6. Good question Neil. The fix has been good for them, that’s for sure, but what has been significant is the way they pulled themselves back after their slump. A sign of a good side, a sign of an emerging side. Yes, they’re worthy of a Top Eight finish. Let’s see if they can earn one.

    I’ve gone for the Bombers because there’s a spirit there that’s bigger than their list. Not that I look forward to Essendon becoming a major power again, but there’s signs that they’re on the way. And North – moving the ball through the flanks and wings – can be a bit predictable. I’m banking on Bomber Hird & James Thompson to counter that attack avenue.

  7. The Dons have won one in their last five, the Roos have won four out of the last five. The Dons have nine of the first 18 injured, the Roos have one of their starting 18 injured – you do the math.


  8. Melbourne have won three games this year; one of them against Essendon, Ricj. North have lost to the Bulldogs & Port Adelaide. What maths?

  9. Neil Belford says

    Well I am tipping North as well – not sure if they are the goods but they are beating the teams they are playing – I guess that all you can do – and this is a special season, 5 weeks ago is ancient history, and I dont think that pattern is finished yet.
    As for Essendon – I am not a believer, I think they are in a classic boys club cycle – about three years behind Carlton in that arc.

  10. We all hope and pray you’re right on that score Neil. And you could well be. I had them down in that slot a fortnight ago. They looked blown, and gone for the season, but last week against Adelaide they showed they’re back in business. I’ll let you know on Monday if they’re BIT.

  11. OK Dips, the Mordy Bridge wasn’t blown under the team bus, but St Riewoldt’s not playing. That won’t win The Dees the game. You haven’t got a bazooka planted on the grassy knoll by any chance, have you?

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