The pointy end: 2018

So many possibilities… (thanks to E.r for putting the image together)


And then there were eight.


We’ve reached the end of the line for 10 sides, some of whom will already be in holiday mode while others will be ruing missed chances.


But with three newcomers in the mix – including the Hawks on the end of a six-month rebuild – we have a suite of enticing finals match ups ahead.


Who do you think will make it through the first week? What will the makeup of the last four look like? How do the Almanackers see the Big Dance playing out? Are seven sides just making up the numbers before the ladder-leading reigning Premiers salute again or will we see a new winner? Let us know your thoughts.





  1. Surprised Carlton are not scheduled for the Friday night game.

  2. Very good, E.r

  3. For me, Melbourne are the big one, with two likely cases for their trajectory. Charging in with a full head of steam and public goodwill ala Richmond 2013 (we all know how that played out) or making a solid run to a prelim if things go their way like North in 2007.

  4. daniel flesch says

    For the last four years the minor premiers have not won the Flag. What , if anything , might that mean?

  5. Never speculate.

  6. george smith says

    Someone has pointed out that Collingwood is the only team not playing at home first weekend. That’s a bit bizarre seeing how there are 3 interstate teams in the finals, and we came so close to having 4 Melbourne finals, or even one at Moggieland!

    Richmond v Hawthorn on a Thursday is a bit odd, even from the Cardinals, because I though that the minor premiers got first dibs on where and when their final is held. I thought that Friday night was the Treasury/Foreign Affairs of finals spots.

    Not complaining about going to Perth, because 3 miracles in one weekend is just too much – number one, securing the double chance against palookas who thought they were Rocky, number 2, finishing ahead of Hawthorn by .3 of a percent! to finish third and Number 3, hopes of Brisbane beating West Coast to secure the home final, which just didn’t happen…

  7. Good one, Jan. Never speculate.

    Melbourne would be a good story.
    Collingwood would be a good story.
    Imagine a Melbourne v Collingwood GF.
    Last time it happened I think was Melbourne’s most recent flag – 1964.

    Prior to that was the famous 1958 GF in which Melbourne entered as strong favourites, attempting a 4th consecutive flag (to tie with Collingwood’s record of 1927-28-29-30). A famous Collingwood underdog victory.

    The possibility requires Melbourne to win and Collingwood to lose in week 1.

  8. This is the best time of year.
    It’s when the season really starts, I reckon.

    I’m quietly amazed that Collingwood are back in the hunt.
    But sort of not.
    There’s a feeling of something special there.
    The whole side seems more formidable, adventurous, reckless than the sum of its parts.
    Pretty hard to play against.

  9. Peter Warrington says

    it was funny trying to work out whether the Pies would game the system to get 4th rather than 3rd. avoiding travel etc. at least for week 1.

    I can mount a case for every team winning it, except Hawthorn.

    I can mount a case for every team NOT winning it, the least convincing case being West Coast (primarily due to two, actual, home games).

    smacks of 2016. someone from the bottom half on a roll? could be the winner of the Cats or Dees, hard to do more in the Mackinnon than those horses have.

    should Richmond falter against the Hawks, after a month of splutters and then a week off AND a weird Thursday night slot, I will be VERY nervous facing either of them in week 2, without any home advantage if the Dees.

  10. This may sound a little weird. You know how 6pm TV news or a QANTAS flight etc will run a quick highlights package of a game? Well, while watching games live on TV I try to imagine whether the goal just scored is the sort of goal that appears in highlights packages – enabling me, therefore, to ‘know’ the winner. (Of course that rarely works)

    Goals likely to appear across Week 1 of the finals?

    De Goey’s fourth as the sealer?

    Buddy’s set shot from 55?


  11. Earl O'Neill says

    Monaros to do a ’16 Dogs.

  12. Menzel’s goal after the siren.

  13. Eddie’s face turning from rosy to scarlet as the Eagles game progresses. Fingers wrenching the Record’s neck. Tapping his phone to book a cardiologist appointment Monday. Or an early seat on the midnight flight out of Dodge.

  14. I like the Dees this September. And the look of the Pies. Tigers are a bit smug – ala Cats 2008.

  15. Don’t think for a minute that The Tigers are smug Dips. We’re talking Struggletpwn Boys here – not Sleepy Hollow Millionaires. We’re very edgy around at The Swinburne Centre. A few weeks of unconvincing football has even the bootstrapped up on his toes. (You like that one Ed? Bet you wish they’d come to you a easily as that) No Dips, smugness is not an option around at Punt Road.

    Without any disrespect, we regard the local teams as the biggest threats. Any one of Melbourne, Collingwood, Geelong and Hawthorn. Probably in that order. Over in The West, with Darling & Kennedy in attack, The Weagles have to be a change. Naturally they’d be more of a chance with NicNat & Gaff in the line-up. But we’ll play who we have to play.

    Jack’s six-bagger for mine Harmsie, Three in the Closing Stanza to sway the classic arm-wrestle between Clacko & Dimma as The Striped Marvels put their stamp on Season 2018. A tumbler from deep in the pocket on his non-preferred side after eluding three Hawthorn defenders the pick of them.

  16. Eh Mr B, din’t you love the way Clarko held The Hawkers back to just shaved their percentage enough to push Figjam & The Collywobbles onto the Virgin death flight to Perth?

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