The Parade College Writing Workshop – Zachary Marks: My first (ice hockey) goal


By Zachary Marks


On a cold February morning, I woke up at 7:30 am to get ready for my big game of ice hockey. I got into the sport by following my uncles, who had played field hockey and then ice hockey. Therefore, I decided to follow them in playing both sports.


After two to three years of training, I decided I was ready to play ice hockey for a team. I played for a winning Melbourne Wolves side and had made plenty of chances for others to score. I began looking for the chance to score myself.


Although that day would be a special one, it began as no different to any other day. I woke up, ate my Weetbix, showered, put my hockey clothes on and went to Ice HQ with my family. The game was a late one, scheduled at 11:15 am, and I was nervous because my team was up against the top side in the Saints. In previous encounters they had shown us why they were on top of the ladder instead of us.


The first period was hectic, as the Saints did their usual and danced around on the ice. Swerving around us Wolves players, they took many more shots at goal than us. Partway through the first period, my teammate Raf received a penalty for tripping, giving the Saints a chance to score. However, the defence by the Wolves was amazing, as I help to clear the puck time and time again. At the end of the period, the score remained 0-0 with 11 shots for the Saints to four for the Wolves.


The second period began with a fired-up Wolves side ready to get into this game and a slightly worried Saints side struggling to convert shots into goals. The period started with a tripping penalty against the Saints, but we were unable to convert. In the first 10 minutes the Wolves had established a strong dominance and to add to the pressure our captain danced around the Saints’ defence to add one onto the board for the Wolves, making the score 1-0 with 11:28 left. After this goal, the Saints snuck over to their beach while their coach encouraged them and reminded them that the game’s not over yet. The referee dropped the puck and the Saints were on the ball and in their offensive zone.


The Saints pass it around and I notice where the next pass is going to go. I sneak between the passer and receiver and to put things even more in my favour the passer doesn’t pass the puck properly, making it easier for me to score. As soon as the puck comes off the Saints stick I tap the puck forward and skate as hard as I can towards the Saints goalie. As I skate towards the goals I notice the net-minder creeping over to the left side of the net, leaving the entire right-hand side of the net exposed.  I get into shooting distance and let the puck rip, sending it soaring into the net. I celebrate with extreme joy as I have finally scored my first goal and put my team up 2-0 against the best team in the league. The period goes on with plenty of time left. Both teams add one more goal each to the board, making it 3-1 with one period left.


Things weren’t looking good for the Saints.


The third period began and the Saints looked fired up and ready to go. Us Wolves, despite having a good second period, started the third period a little too high on our horses, acting as if we had the game in the bag. This attitude would be what brings the Wolves down in the third period, as the Saints had 15 shots to our five. The game was frantic in the final minutes, as the Wolves scrambled together in defence while the Saints thrived in the pressure. This pressure was too much for our fourth line of defence, as the Saints scored with one minute left in the game. The game concluded with one last shot from the Saints trying to get that last goal. Either way, I’ll always remember my first goal.



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  1. Mrs Pritchard says

    Great recount Zac. What a nerve racking match to participate in, especially against a team expected to win! Even more rewarding that you scored your first goal. Great job. Your language use, particularly your sport specific language was well executed.

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