The Parade College Writing Workshop: Scoring my first goal

By Jacob Coviello


Ten years ago (2009) at the age of five, I began my short but decent career as a soccer player for the Fawkner Blues. I was at the club for only two seasons.


As a young kid, I enjoyed soccer and didn’t mind being part of a team where I could play against other people and become victorious, just like the Romans were when they won a gladiatorial battle at the Colosseum. My Dad was definitely the person who inspired me to have an interest in the game and, to this day, we still have discussions about it, especially when it involves our favourite team, Lazio.


Before I started playing soccer, my father and I looked at the two clubs with which we thought I could potentially play. Our options were the Pascoe Vale Soccer Club and the Fawkner Blues. Personally, I wanted to play for Pascoe Vale because I had heard about the club through a brochure I saw.  My Dad, however, decided to send me to the Fawkner Blues as it was considered to be an Italian-Australian team and we were of Italian heritage.


My first season at Fawkner wasn’t the greatest as I didn’t provide any goals for the team and only seemed to be good at running around the field which roosters do when they’re scared. I didn’t have many crucial opportunities of scoring a goal and was lucky to have my team-mates who were successful in doing that job. Luckily, my time of glory would soon come.


The 2009 season was about to conclude and, in our final match, we faced Pascoe Vale. It was the morning of the match and my parents and I arrived on Bakers Road where the game was taking place. I showed respect to my club by wearing its blue colours and I also sported a long white sleeve shirt underneath my jersey as the weather was a bit cool. I wore number 5 in this game, hoping that we would win.


When the match started, we performed reasonably well and were beating Pascoe Vale. During the first half I had an important opportunity. It was time. I  remember having the ball at my feet, running forward to the opposition’s defence, trying to get to those short Under 6 goals to bag one for my team. I had a chance, I could finally score my first goal as a player for the Fawkner Blues and celebrate in front of the Pascoe Vale players. But no, it didn’t occur as, sadly, I missed. But it wasn’t over. I still had the second half and needed to get this goal because, if I didn’t, I would have to wait until the next season to complete my long awaited wish.


In the second half our team was dominating. We did a good job and looked to finish the season with a magnificent win. Fawkner looked to have another chance of scoring – we had scored several goals in the match already. My teammate Ahmed had the ball and attempted a shot on goal but it hit the post. Luckily, I was next to him and the ball came to me. My right leg moved back and then forward, kicking the ball into the net. I did it! I scored my first goal in soccer and decided to do an aeroplane celebration. My Mum was full of joy and gave me encouragement, recording the goal on her video camera. I was definitely happy and what better way to do it than in the final match of the year! In the end, Fawkner thrashed Pascoe Vale 7-2 and it was one of the best games we played that year.


Out of all the matches I played in 2009 and 2010, this was one of the most memorable games I remember being part of and it’s an event which I’m glad took place in my life.



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  1. Vanessa Fox says

    Jacob, a beautifully written piece. I could just picture that celebration of yours after your first goal, as though I was there. Well done!

  2. roger lowrey says

    Well written Jacob. Those of us who read these pages can all recollect the thrills of similar achievements. It’s always a buzz that stays with you. Great work. If you follow the Cats I’ll be even more pleasantly disposed to your work – but never mind if you are imperfect! RDL

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