The Parade College Writing Workshop: Hajduk Split

By Joshua Cavar


Back in 2009, my Mum and I visited Croatia to meet up with family and friends who live there. We also went to visit my Dad’s side of the family. He was born here so most of his family lives here. I remember arriving at our house and having memories from looking at pictures when I was there last in 2005. It was great to be back in Croatia as my Mum and I got to visit family that we had not seen in many years. Everyone was happy to see each other. Mum and I stayed in Croatia for a month and it was a great experience to come back to Croatia this time around because I was able to remember what we did, unlike when we came when I was one.


My grandad is from an island called Krapanj which has around 100 people on it. It is in Dalmatia which is a region in Croatia. Everyone who is in Dalmatia goes for the soccer team Hajduk Split whereas everyone who lives in Zagreb and a few other cities around it all go for Dinamo Zagreb.


Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb are the two best teams in the Croatian league. and they are the biggest rivals. Every time there is a match between them there is always a crazy atmosphere as Hajduk’s cheer squad, Torcida, and Dinamo’s cheer squad, Bad Blue Boys, always go crazy at each other. All my family support Hajduk so I grew up following them as well, so getting the opportunity to watch them play was a dream come true.


It was the day of the game, Hajduk v Dinamo. I remember getting ready and not thinking about anything but the game. A couple of hours later, we arrived at the stadium after a 1-hour drive and I was more excited then ever. Once we entered, the atmosphere was already crazy and the game had not even started yet. It was kick-off, and everyone in the stadium was up singing and cheering for their teams. The first half had ended. It was a slow but intense first half, but the scores were still the same. Halfway through the second half, Hajduk scored and every fan was up celebrating and jumping around. The atmosphere was now ten times better than it was.


The game ended up being a 1-0 win to Hajduk Split and I remember being so excited as it was my first European game and I got to watch my favourite team win. Until this day, that is the best game I have ever been to and it will be a memory I cherish for ever.


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  1. Vanessa Fox says

    Joshua, that is a great story. I think you clearly conveyed not just how wonderful the soccer match was, but the feeling of warmth and nostalgia you experienced in touching down in Croatia again. Well done!

  2. Great stuff Joshua. My wife was born in Makarska an hour’s drive south of Split and came to Australia when she was 2. We have been back twice and we plan to go again next year. Her family are all strong Hajduk Split supporters. Great that you got to see them win live. Most Hajduk fans barrack against Dinamo even when they are the only Croatian team playing in Europe. We tried to see Hajduk when we were there in 2015 but the game was sold out at the much smaller RNK stadium next door.

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