The Parade College Writing Workshop – Christian Ferraro: Coburg Districts v Hadfield


By Christian Ferraro


On Sunday 19 August 2019, my football team Coburg Districts played Hadfield in the Under 13 Division 3 Grand Final. After the regular season we finished with 14 wins and no losses, before going on to win our first final comfortably. On the other hand, Hadfield finished the season 11-3, losing their first final in a thriller by two points and then just scraping past Aberfeldie in the preliminary final by a goal to book their place in the Grand Final.


It was a chilly, gloomy Sunday morning when I woke up at about 9 AM. Adrenaline was pumping, and I was extremely nervous but also very excited to be able to play in a Grand Final. I started my day with a bowl of porridge and hot chocolate made by Mum. When my sister, Mum, Dad and I were all ready and raring to go we left our house and drove to Sewell Reserve in Glenroy.


When we arrived at the ground, I was shaking – not because of how cold it was, but because of how nervous I was. A few minutes later the rain started to pelt down extremely hard. I met up with all my teammates and we had a pre-game chat. When it reached three quarter time in the game before ours, my coach led my team into the changerooms. While we were in the rooms, our coach gave us a motivational speech and outlined tactics on how to beat our opponents. When the previous game ended my team and I ran onto the ground and warmed up, before having a final chat to each other.


The first quarter began and the rain was so hard I felt like I was in the shower. Hadfield started the game strong, getting through our defence to kick a goal. My team didn’t stop fighting. We fought back, kicking two great goals in the wet conditions. When the quarter time siren had sounded, we had a narrow lead of one point. We didn’t play our best or worst quarter of football, but we knew we could play better.


The umpire threw the ball up to begin the second quarter, starting a very competitive and sloppy quarter. Hadfield kicked inaccurately through the quarter and scored four points while we scored one goal and three points to take a one goal lead to half time. The score was 22 points to Hadfield’s 16 points.


During the half time break our team regrouped and our coach told us the plan for the rest of the game. We ran back onto the field with slightly better conditions due to the rain easing.


The third quarter was underway, and it would be the start of a dominant quarter for us. We had many inside 50 entries and got the rewards. We scored a goal from one of our best players and it would be a spirit lifter for our team. The momentum would keep us going and we would end the quarter scoring two goals and three points to Hadfield’s one point.


The siren for the last quarter sounded and we had a 20-point lead. But the game was not over. Hadfield got a centre clearance and a quick goal within a couple of minutes. Hadfield then dominated the next few minutes to score two goals, making the margin two points with about three minutes left. In the final seconds, the ball was in Hadfield’s 50, but luckily our defence stood up strong and refused to let any more goals through.


The game ended. Coburg Districts won the Grand Final by 2 points!



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Thrilling game Christian! It must have been a bit nerve wracking those last few minutes. Are you playing footy again this season? Good luck if you are!

  2. Mrs Pritchard says

    You had me sitting on the edge of my seat Christian. What an intense game! Great use of descriptive language. I felt like I was there experiencing it alongside the players!

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