The Odd Friday Lunch: Aug 5 with Percy Jones

The Odd Friday Lunch

This Friday Aug 5

Hosted by Percy Jones



Entree – Zuchini, basil and bacon soup with salted ricotta and truffle oil
Main – Oven roasted Pork chop, apple glaze and spiced slaw
Portuguese chicken breast glazed with piri piri and fennel and avocado salad
Dessert – Cheese Plate, quince paste & grapes.



Bookings: 94864501


  1. The lunch is announced!
    On my page, immediately below, it says “Lunch is sold out”. Talk about first encourage then immediately discourage. I guess it does say March 31st, but anyway…

  2. 6%, The lunch is not sold out, by the way. That will be an old post regarding the March 31 lunch.

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