The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Vol II by DBeams)

From DBeams (now of Woolloongabba)


How to explain

this falling

Out of love?


Don’t explain

just do

¾ time refrain


Season’s done

In black and white

On paper – and on wool


Griffen let sleeping Dogs


Jarrad Waites no more


Maggies curse The Sun

Can’t read between

The Lions


“More time with

the family”?

Works in politics


Agent says

That dog won’t run

Know anyone that’s sick?


Sick of Eddie


time to pass the Buck


No more second fiddle

I’m not

the greatest Dane


Brissie on a bad day

I’m still

the broadest Beams


Leppa needs a tagger

Pre-season I’ll man Booker

Then Pendles at the ‘G


  1. ahh, PB.
    That’s some solid gold there.
    Greatest Dane.
    broadest Beams.
    Step right up, step right up, every one a winner.
    Love the creative spark; igniting.
    hats off.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    I’m backing Pendles at the ‘G.
    Great stuff Peter

  3. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Entertaining stuff PB well done

  4. Callum O'Connor says

    Eddie pases the Buck – Herald Sun will use that in no time

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