The Most Important Kick in Football: The Kick Inside 50

By David Fordyce

Everyone would have been happy with Geelong’s first quarter v Brisbane, but I’m with Tom Hawkins – the entries were poor, and were masked by a Brisbane side that took a quarter to start playing.



In Q1, seven of Geelong’s entries went out of bounds. They were kicking into the sun, but it has been happening all year, from Dangerfield, Duncan and Taylor, who used to be good at passing.


In Q2 v Richmond we had 18 inside-50 entries for no goals. To start this game we had 7 entries for 1 goal. Things improved in Q3, when Sam Menegola got more of the ball, as his kicking is very good.


Players sending the ball inside 50 should look to hit a lead in space, or to advantage, or otherwise kick to a central spot and let the crumbers do their work. Stop this kicking out of bounds.



Good entries

Bad entries

Q1 1.   Henderson passes to a simple mark and lead by Hawkins.

2.   Taylor passes to Dangerfield who marks on the lead.

3.   J Selwood passes to Hawkins’ advantage, for a mark and goal.









1.   Duncan kicks into the pocket, out of bounds.

2.   Duncan kicks the ball out of bounds, while Henderson runs free to the goalsquare.

3.   Taylor, uncontested, kicks to the forward pocket out of bounds.

4.   Duncan lands the ball on Hawkins’s head in a pocket on 2 opponents; the ball goes out of bounds.

5.   Kersten, 70 out, goes back to Guthrie who goes cross-field for a turnover and Lions goal.

6.   Dangerfield bursts out of the centre and kicks it out of bounds on the full.

7.   Lang kicks the ball out of bounds on the full.

8.   Stanley passes the ball wide to Hawkins and it goes out of bounds.


Q2 1.   Duncan kicks into the pocket, to Hawkins’ advantage, and Kersten handpasses off for a goal.

2.   Dangerfield passes to a leading Henderson who marks and goals from 45






1.   Guthrie chips the ball to Hawkins but it is too high and Merrett easily spoils.

2.   Lang kicks to a Hawkins 2-on-1, on his head.

3.   Cowan goes backwards in a switch that ends with a predictable hot pass at Hawkins for a Merrett punch, turnover and Lions goal.

4.   McCarthy, 45 out straight in front, goes wide to the boundary. Dangerfield ends up with a wide set shot that misses.

9.   Blicavs, 45 out, doesn’t hit a leading Hawkins.


Q3 1.   Cowan passes to Enright on 45 who goals.

2.   Henderson passes to Hawkins’ advantage, free kick and goal.

3.   Menegola passes cross-field to Scott Selwood.

4.   Scott Selwood passes to Hawkins’ advantage.

5.   Hawkins on the wing hits Kersten who turns and kicks to McCarthy’s advantage.

6.   Motlop centres to a McCarthy mark.


1.   Cowan bombs long to a Hawkins 2-on-1.

2.   Dangerfield bursts out of the middle, bounces 3 times and misses.









Q4 1.   Menegola passes to Joel Selwood.

2.   Motlop hits Duncan.

3.   Enright kicks to Motlop’s advantage.





1.   Henderson kicks to a 2-on-1.

2.   Lang stabs the ball at Dangerfield on the boundary, and the ball goes out.

3.   Taylor bombs high to the pocket for Merrett to easily punch out of bounds.

4.   Lonergan, free on 50, stabs wide to Hawkins.

5.   Duncan ignores an open McCarthy and kicks high to Hawkins who gives away a free kick.



  1. A lesson Melbourne is yet to learn.

  2. richmond have serial bombers in ellis, Grigg and Houli, kicks that would scrape the roof at Docklands, and give 5 brutes the chance to all jump at Jack.

    i’d rather give Boomer a year than reward these up and under merchants, but their love for Dimma has been rewarded already : (

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