Almanac Music: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

While Nobel laureate Bob Dylan remains evasive, David Fordyce suggests some of Dylan’s best work is his latest material.

Did the Cats overachieve in 2016?

David Fordyce ponders the question of whether or not the Cats overachieved in 2016; a question close to many an Alamanacker’s heart!

Almanac People: Josh Caddy’s footy family

With trade week gossip involving speculation of a move by Josh Caddy to Richmond, David Fordyce looks at the Caddy pedigree.

Paul Chapman and the Sari Club

David Fordyce remembers the story of Geelong’s end of season trip to Bali in 2002 when, fortunately for Geelong, Paul Chapman felt uncomfortable about going to the Sari Club that night.

Big men who have played 300 games

Sam Newman often says how very few big men have played 300 games, at last count David Fordyce has identified 27 and rising. Can you name any more?

Almanac People: Paul Chapman’s goalkicking career (and a look at Lincoln McCarthy)

David Fordyce has presented an interesting comparison for Paul Chapman’s goal kicking career and hoping Lincoln McCarthy follows a similar trajectory.

Almanac People: Trent West – a study in persistence and coaching

David Fordyce from the Canberra Cats pens a tribute to the retired former Cats and Lions player Trent West.

GWS and their First-Round Draft Picks

GWS have had an extraordinary number of first round draft selections with a high success rate, David Fordyce has reviewed the list and identifies a foundation and strategy to keep them going well into the future.

The Most Important Kick in Football: The Kick Inside 50

Almanac welcomes David Fordyce, a Canberra based Geelong supporter. David provides interesting analysis on Geelong’s poor entries inside 50. [Welcome – Ed]

A Recent History of Booing

Sportspeople have been booed since Noah was an Auskicker, but in recent weeks the booing of Adam Goodes has placed spectator behaviour in the spotlight. David Fordyce looks back on some notable (and arguably unsavoury) examples of booing in the game in recent years and laments the lack of genuine leadership on the issue.