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Oscar Pistorius

Does anyone else see the irony in Oscar Pistorius claim that the 200m race at the Paralympics was unfair because the bloke who beat him, Brazilian Alain Oliveira, had different prosthetics to him?  What would have happened if Pistorius had won the 400m at the Olympics and an ablebodied athlete had complained?  I dare say there would have been an outrage from the PC community.

Here is another conundrum.  What would have happened at the Olympics if Pistorius had changed prosthetics between races?  Say Pistorius came fourth in his semi running with his current prosthetics, but still qualifies for the final.   In the final he changes to the same ones as Oliveira and runs three seconds faster to win.  Would this be classified as unfair?  I say yes.  Pistorius wouldn’t have done an amazing training block between races to improve, but simply have run faster due a different prosthetic design.  From that stand point no longer is it a fair race for ablebodied athletes.

The IOC is happy for Pistorius to run in the Olympics as long as he doesn’t win.

The Chairman

Football numerology

The real flag is for the best football numerology score-line, not the premiership. To that end, The Bombers are clear winners this year.

Position, 11, won 11/lost 11 and with one slight blemish (they managed to score one more point for than against), same points kicked by and against.

The team for the common and not so common man. This is a tremendous effort. Congratulations EFC. The 15:10  100 trophy will be presented to them on the 12/12/12

Pos        Team           P    W    L      D    For    Agst        %        Pts

11         Essendon    22    11    11    0    2091    2090    100.05    44

The Editor


  1. Running version of the winged keel.

  2. Good one, Dips.

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