The Middle Australia Report: Melbourne and Tanking


The Editor outed himself as an Essendon supporter a few weeks back during the Supplement Saga.  Prior to the Dank and Waepon episode I thought a supplement was something that came in the Sunday newspapers.

It is now time for me to out myself as a Richmond supporter.  Given Richmond’s preferred end of season ladder position it is probably apt I had the number 9 on my back as a youngster.  Swooper Northey was my favourite player as a little tacker.  Of recent times Wayne Campbell, and now Trent Cotchin, have donned the number.  With Cotchin being named Richmond captain this year, 9 is the new 17.

However I am here to write about tanking.  I was at the Richmond v Melbourne game in 2009 where Melbourne allegedly tanked.  It was perhaps the worst game of footy I have ever seen.  The worst 50seconds I have seen was the last 50seconds of the Richmond v Gold Coast game last year when Richmond gave away a two goal lead to lose by a kick after the siren by K. Hunt of all people.

If Melbourne were tanking in the ’09 game against Richmond I’m not sure how you could tell.  Their planning could not have been so meticulous to allow for a Jordan MacMahon kick after the siren for a goal to lose the game.  To misquote Paul Kelly, ‘There were two teams out there today and neither of them were playing footy.’

I have no doubt Melbourne were trying to finish low on the ladder to get draft picks, but so have many teams over the years.  To use the Richmond v Melbourne game as proof is an injustice as the match was a crime against footy in general rather evidence of tanking.  I don’t want to stick up for Melbourne as I don’t like them.  What with their little Melbourne jumper stickers on the back of their Range Rovers and their nauseating polite clapping during play, but on this occasion I believe they have been unfairly punished.

The Chairman

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