The lowlight of my night

The lowlight of my night

Essendon v Adelaide

7.40pm, Saturday 22 June

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Anne Fedorowytsch


Watching the game as a fan and watching the game with a job to do are two vastly different things. Screaming and jumping up and down is kept to a minimum as is watching with your one-eyed specs when you’ve got to get down to business.

So for this Bombers versus Crows clash I had to cast aside my Adelaide allegiances as I was in charge of producing the video highlights for This involves selecting the biggest moments from the match, eight maximum, for individual clips as well as all the rest for an overall match highlights video.

Once I select the moment to snip I create the title and description and send through the time code to the editor to cut the clip. Then voila! You have a video set to go on the AFL website and in the official app.

The first quarter left me with a plethora of delightful moments from the Dons to choose from with very little coming from the Crows. Essendon scored the first two goals of the game within the first two minutes. Bad for Adelaide but good for me to throw the scores together into my first highlight snippet for the night.

The Bombers went on to score seven straight majors for the term. A dribbling goal from Jake Melksham made the cut with the Crows having to settle with just one of their two goals squeezed into an Essendon-centric quarter one highlights package.

My inner fan was frustrated, a feeling I was becoming well acquainted with as an Adelaide supporter this season. It was just another slow start to add to the list.

The visitors awoke from their slumber in the second term but the goals in the game dried up. This was not good on the highlights front. Then at last! I could cut a Crows clip as Brodie Smith snuck around Eddie Betts to boot a long-bomb goal.

Adelaide made a play back into the game kicking two majors to Essendon’s one leaving us within three goals of the Dons at half-time.

Frankly speaking I was pessimistic about our chances of snaring victory in this game. This was not the hot-to-trot Crows that buried North Melbourne last weekend. This was the flat, uninspiring and lazy Crows we seem to get served every fortnight.

Essendon provided me with my first snippet of the second half as David Zaharakis zoomed forward to kick a goal in his 100th game. But again the Crows hung in there and outscored the Dons by a goal in the third term.

Josh Jenkins had me ticking off my second snippet as he contested the ball in the ruck, collected the crumbs and streamed forward to slice the big sticks solo. More of those please Josh!

The Crows seemed to be coming but I still wasn’t convinced. The sub-editors at the desk assured me the Dons would crumble in the final term while I was querying our ability to run out a game.

The last quarter didn’t fail to disappoint with Adelaide defying my expectations and having Essendon on the ropes.

Debate was sparked when a potential Goal of the Year contender from Bomber Ben Howlett appeared to graze the post with the umpires failing to call for a score review. In terms of selecting a snippet this was perfect! Everyone loves a little controversy and people go crazy for that type of stuff.

So while I was excited to be expecting plenty of views on my video I was fuming on the inside. The Crows were honing in on the Bombers and I did not want to lose on the back of a dodgy call.

Unfortunately the highlights for the home team just kept coming and Michael Hurley’s long range left foot goal was my final pick for the game.

A Crows win just wasn’t meant to be as the Dons won by nine points subsequently avoiding mass outrage from angry Adelaide fans on that missed review.

After I ticked off the match highlights package I was left to piece one together on Brendon Goddard’s blistering last term performance. That certainly wasn’t the way I was planning on seeing out my Saturday night in the office.


ESSENDON        7.0    9.2    11.10  15.11 (101)

ADELAIDE          2.6    5.7    9.7      14.8 (92)



Essendon: Stanton 2, Ryder 2, Winderlich 2, Hocking, Ambrose, Goddard, Daniher, Zaharakis, Melksham, Howlett, Colyer, Hurley

Adelaide: Jenkins 4, Betts 3, Walker 2, Podsiadly 2, Dangerfield, Smith, Martin



Essendon: Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, Melksham, Stanton

Adelaide: Thompson, Jenkins, Betts, Jacobs



Essendon: Hibberd (left leg)

Adelaide: Mackay (concussion), Dangerfield (corked quad)



Essendon: Zach Merrett replaced Tom Bellchambers in the third quarter

Adelaide: Jarryd Lyons replaced David Mackay (concussion) in the third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Chamberlain, McInerney, O’Gorman

Official crowd: 30,948 at Etihad Stadium


  1. Dave Brown says

    An interesting position to view a Crows game, Anne. Brings to mind The Goddess Advantage, except they won a bit more in 2005. It must have taken all your professionalism not to tag the Hibberd video ‘we woz robbed’ – appeared to graze the post like Leigh Matthews in 1982

  2. Luke Smith says

    I’ve always felt that those AFL highlights packages were way too goal-centric. Quite often they will leave out great pieces of play and include items such as set shots from 30 metres.

    And now I read an article from someone who puts these highlights together and sure enough your highlights were a goal, then a goal, then another goal, then a goal, then a goal, then another goal, then two goals ….. need I go on?

    In the reel you highlighted 21 goals of the 29 scored in the game, including a number of set shots. Bizarrely you missed the two best goals of the night – Howlett’s (nominated for GOTY) and Colyer’s, but that’s not my beef. My beef is that not one piece of play made the “highlights” reel that didn’t culminate in a goal. It’s as though spectacular marking doesn’t count, neither do great tackles, strong defensive plays or brilliant passages resulting in anything less than a goal.

    Apologies if this is not your fault, I’m guessing this is done according to instructions as all these packages much the same. But the AFL highlights reels are really, really poor.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Luke.

    We construct the highlights package quarter by quarter with the aim of telling the story of the game. Goals are obviously the guts of a match and therefore we always include them. Not all of them but we aim for the best. Sometimes in a low scoring game or unexciting contest the set shots have to be included. Or sometimes there are exciting games with the majority of goals being set shots.

    It is worth mentioning we do work to a time restriction and aim to have the clips running no longer than 6 or so minutes max. With about 5 minutes the ideal time. Consequently, in a high scoring game a lot of goals are going to make the cut as they’re key to telling the story of the game. We really only have space for five or six highlights per quarter.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I always look out for good tackles, marks etc and try to add them when I can. I’m sure we would love to add more of these things but for example a brilliant piece of play from a losing Crows side is not telling the story of the game.

    I can think of plenty of moments that I’ve included such as Liam Jones’ run down tackle, Podsiadley’s screamer, Selwood’s niggle on Ablett, questionable umpiring decisions, countless MRP incident and injuries etc.

    We produce high quality match highlights videos with a very short turnaround after the final siren.

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