The Handbag Boys: a footy tragic is redeemed

Muso Ron Wells has discovered the Almanac from the west coast of the US. An ex-pat, he has the Geelong Football Club in him, the origins of his father’s support being novel.

Read his life in footy here



  1. Earl O'Neill says

    A wonderful tale, beautifully writ.

  2. Haje Halabi says

    Lovely read mate- I read this with a sense of compassion also being away from home and the footy- thanks for re stirring that in me, not that it ever went. At times being away from home is painful not being there to watch my tigers, it really is…..lovely read

  3. Peter Fuller says

    I know little about music, but if your songs resonate like this exquisite piece, they must be memorable. Your reference to your father’s struggles and his solution, with the consequences for your allegiance to the Cats was at once heart-rending and inspiring. Congratulations on sustaining your commitment, when the lottery of life has determined that you must live as an exile.
    I regularly reflect on how fortunate I am that Australian football is my birthright by the simple accident of being born and growing up in southern Australia.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. Always scrounging for footy news in The US i found the almanac. Great site and concept. It’s a nice respite from the bleating s of Mike Sheehan and the like. A couple of you noted my music (I;m no big shot) If you want to check some songs or you tube cactus 5 Cheers and thanks for your encouragement. I have a couple of other thongs i’ll post. Enjoy season 2013 hope your team goes well. GOOOOOOO Catters!!!! Best from San Diego.

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